AP Psychology 3rd Quarter Project
Assignment: The students will create a website using google sites that describes the different
psychological disorders. They will need to include the following things on their site.
1. Pages for each of the following.
a. Definition and description of psychological disorders. Include how the DSM IV helps in
diagnosing and treating psychological disorders. Include the following terms on this
i. Psychological disorders
ii. Medical model
iii. Bio-psycho-social perspective
iv. DSM-IV
v. Neurotic disorders
vi. Psychotic disorders
vii. Difficulties in labeling and diagnosing psychological disorders
b. A page for each of the psychological disorder groups
i. Anxiety disorders
1. GAD
2. Panic Disorder
3. Phobias
4. OCD
ii. Mood disorders
1. Major depressive disorder
2. Bipolar disorder
iii. Dissociative disorders
1. DID
2. Other dissociative disorders
iv. Schizophrenia
1. Subtypes of schizophrenia
v. Personality disorders
1. Clusters of the disorders
2. Antisocial personality disorder
c. Overall therapy strategies for the different types of disorders
i. Include statistics on the rate of disorders in the US as well
2. Each page needs to contain the information provided above plus some additional things as well.
a. Each page for the disorders needs to include:
i. a detailed description of each disorder group and each disorder in that group.
ii. Any term that applies to that disorder group needs to be defined on the page
iii. Causes, biologically and socially of the disorders
b. Make sure your information is not just copied and pasted on your page. Put the
information in your own words
c. The pages need to also include video clips that may help to explain or describe the
different disorders.
d. For each disorder include a famous person that has been diagnosed with that disorder
and any possible quotes they have made about how they deal with the disorder.
3. You can organize your site however you feel is best suited for your group. Just make sure I can
easily find all the information needed and other people can use your site easily. I will be using
this page as your rubric for the project. Make the sites look nice!