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I’m excited to announce that we will be having a Halloween Party on Friday,
October 24th. This will include a small party with the class and our school
Halloween Parade. If you wish to participate your child should come to school
in the morning in their costume. The students will wear them the entire day.
If you would like to send a small packaged treat we will pass them out at our
party (36 students). At 1:30 PM we will start our Costume Parade through
school and then the surrounding neighborhood. You are welcome to join us for
the parade. You can meet us at the entrance of the school and walk with us.
At the conclusion of the parade you are welcome to take your child home. You
must still sign out your child at the office.
I am looking for some additional items for the party. These would be in place
of sending a small packaged treat. I will confirm with you the items that will be
Thank you in advance.
Mr. Polebitski
Student’s Name________________________________________________________________________________
Parent’s Name_________________________________________________________________________________
____ I can provide a dozen cupcakes
____ I can provide a dozen cookies
____ I can provide apple juice
____ I can provide anything needed