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- What time will you be home?
- I should be home by seven, half seven at the latest.
- Is there some more tea left?
- Yeah, there is a little left over.
By the way, Sam, have you called the mechanic yet? Do you know when the car will be ready?
- No, not yet.
- Well, could you please do it today. I´ll need it on Friday, to take the kids to school because there´s
going to be another bus strike.
- Really? I had no idea. Sure, I´ll call them as soon as I get to work.
- (God!) Look at the time!!! I´ve gotta go, or I´ll be late for work!
Bye, Darling, have a good day. Bye, kids!
- OK, bye Love. Drive carefully. See you at 7!
Kids! Let´s go! You don´t have much time!
Toby! Why are you always so slow?
Come on Jenny, you can finish your toast on the way.
Quickly now, or you´ll miss your bus.
Bye, have a good day!
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