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My Own Self (Survey Answers):
1. I’m a rather carefree guy. I like what I like which is a lot, but that can change in a snap. I can be
forgetful and rude sometimes but I don’t always mean to be. And if I’m being rude or weird or
mean, I’m comfortable around you! I can sometimes get a bit too friendly and touchy-feely. If I like
you, don’t offend me and that won’t change.
2. Bubbly (full of cheerful high spirits), outgoing with a great sense of humor. I’m willing to help anyone in
need and when I’m in, I’m all in. Not necessarily a happy personality, but a funny personality, I
3. I would say that I am a moody person, more moody than I would like to be. I would say that I am
very generous; I take pleasure in sharing and feel some guilt when I’m in a position to share
something but am not able to. And I would say that I sometimes lack self-control, and when I lose
my temper it shows a dark side of me which I am increasingly aware of. It’s obvious to me that
after I lose my temper, I feel guilty and sad. I have improved regarding myself control and continue
to work on it.
4. Being bipolar is more than just a mental illness, it also means my personality is a mixture of
contradictions. I like being neat, organized and methodical in life but most of the time I’m happiest
when things are spur of the moment. I love schedules, but I get bored with redundancy and need
constant change in my life. I’m very compassionate, but I’m very selective on those I let close to
me. I’m very back and forth in terms of what works best for me and because of it I’m a bit of an
unpredictable person.
5. I would say to a stranger that I am friendly but not stupid. I would also say that I am a learner and
always want to be improving or learning more about things. Lastly, I would say that I’m quiet in a
crowd but not when I am one on one with people.
6. I have good leadership qualities and am confident of myself. I’m able to keep a calm and level
head whenever I am in situations of stress. I would like to consider myself someone who can
relate to anyone and any culture and background. It allows me to make very personal connections
with everyone I meet.
7. I am a kind-hearted caring individual that looks out for others. I try to help in any way possible and
I am always looking out for my family. I have a good view on life and I am the happiest I have ever
8. I would tell them that I’m a honest and hardworking individual. I am usually busy and like to pursue
my goals wholeheartedly. I have a tendency to hold on to things from the past and can be bitter at
9. I am an extremely determined person. No matter what, I will push through limitations and adversity
to try and get what I want, and what is best for myself and those around me. Beyond that, I am
extremely compassionate and kind, and will do everything and anything for my friends.
10. I am a caring and intelligent person. I would do anything for my family and everything I do is
basically looking out for their needs. I love children a lot and am always looking into everything
that has to do with them.Like finding new crafts, events or activities, fun recipes to make for them,
or new findings in development or strategies for teaching. I love reading all the time whether it be
to my children or enjoy a good Stephen King novel or reading recent studies.I also really like to
cook! I’m always looking for new recipes to make or foods to try. I’m also pretty well known for
having the Food Network running in my house. You can never have too many ideas!
11. I am a very happy and compassionate person. I enjoy sharing things and talking to people about a
variety of things. I have a quick wit and love to laugh about everything under the sun. I can be
quiet at first, but once you get to know me, I don’t shut up. I am fun loving, but serious when
necessary. I have a logical mind but understand and feel emotions as well.
12. I am a calm and reserved person. That said, I would not pay special attention to a stranger. At
moments, I would rather ignore the being of a stranger and do my own thing.
13. My personality is kind of complex. I take a lot of time to get used to new people- before I feel
comfortable with you, I’m very quiet and reserved. Once I get to know you, I’m a completely
different person- I’m sarcastic, outspoken, and silly.
14. I’m actually a bit of an introvert; I rarely talk about myself. However most people think I am a
terrific conversationalist since I always steer the conversation so that other people wind up talking
about themselves. Also, I am knowledgeable about a wide variety of subjects so can engage just
about anyone in conversation (if I choose to).
15. I’m a hard working person who doesn’t like to give up. I strive for what I want and keep my goals in
mind 24/7. This allows me to see exactly what I want and plan on how I will get it.
16. I’m analytical and deliberative. Sometimes that makes me overly cautious, other times it makes
me overly calculating. However, none of that changes the fact that I have my own strong sense of
ethics. I always trying to improve myself as a person and act more in line with my aspirations. I’m
looking for that same reflectiveness in others.
17. I’m somewhat conservative. This means that I’m reserved. I also tend to be quiet.
18. I would like to think my personality is the same always but to be honest … it probably isn’t. To a
stranger I am probably polite and don’t say too much since I’m not sure who the person is.
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