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Project Work
“Books in our life”
6 B form
School № 9
Masha Dereglazova
1. Introduction
2. Main Body
1) Origin of books
2) Books in our life
3) Genres of books
3. Conclusion
Origin of books
Many, many years ago a town crier ran through the streets and shouted out all the news.
But now we live in the Atomic Age. Too many things happen too quickly for us to learn
about them in the old- fashioned way. That is why we have to read more and more in order to
find out what is happening in the world. Reading is rarely a waste of time.
Have you ever thought about the kind of books people used long ago? It is only in the
last 500 years that books have been printed on paper. Before that time the only way of making
books was to write them out by hand. No one knows when writing first began, but we have
found drawings on the walls of caves and scratchings on bones which are at least 25,000 years
The invention of paper played a very important part in the development of books. In the
11th century the art of papermaking reached Europe but no trace of printing was found in
Europe 1423. It is known that Johann Gutenberg secretly tried out ways of printing in
Strasbourg, Germany, in 1440£ The knowledge of the methods of printing spread so quickly
over the Continent of Europe that by the year Щ nearly every country had started printing
books. Later people began to learn how to make paper more quickly and cheaply and of better
As a result of this, books became much lighter and smaller. The first person to print
books in the English language was William Caxton, in Russia — Ivan Fedorov. Ivan Fedorov
and his assistants were the first to use Russian letters. By the 16th century books looked very
much as they do today and since then very little change has been made their appearance.
Books in our life
Nowadays it's almost impossible to imagine our life without books. Perhaps, there are more
books on our plan than men alive. Long before the invention of printing people valued books
as treasure troves of the human knowledge and experience.
Hand — written manuscripts took months of writing and
were collected by and kept in monasteries with utmost
care. We can distinguish books between three classes of
them. Firstly, books on different branches knowledge,
works by brilliant minds of mankind. Secondly, textbooks,
reference books and numerous dictionaries And at last,
books of all kinds and genres to read at leisure.
Classics should be taken a little at a time. One's
understanding of books lay Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky,
Mopassan and Balzak depends on one's age and
experience. Serious books are to be read conscientiously
and maybe more th once. To a thinking reader they will
provide new food for thought every time he rereads it.
Many people indulge in reading science fiction, fantasy
or detective stories. Of course, there are some advantages
and disadvantages of this kind of literature, often referred to
as «easy reading». As for me, good science fiction and
fantasy develop imagination, logical
thinking, broader one's outlook.
The same could be said in favour of
detective stories. They reveal such minute
details of everyday life in this that particular
country that are of greatest interest for a
curious reader. The masterpieces of this
genre by Ss Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha
Christie and others, show the depths of
psychological analysis, the insight into the
human nature.
About Book Genres
Book Genres are categories that books are divided into. Each genre or category will contain a
certain type of story, and have defining characteristics. You can use genres to find the books
you enjoy most.
Below are the different book genres:
Historical Fiction
Realistic Fiction
Realistic fiction should take place in the
present time period. The story should be
one that COULD really happen in
today's world.
Historical fiction is a story that takes
place in the past. Historical fiction is
usually based on true events, but
sometimes the characters are not real
A fantasy book is any story that contains
magic. If it can't happen in the real world,
then it is magical and the story is fantasy!
Science Fiction
Science fiction is not just space and
aliens! Science fiction is a story that
predicts the future of the world and is
rooted in science. While science fiction
stories may not be possible today,
because they are based in science, they
MAY one day be possible.
Horror stories are written to be
disturbing, shocking, and scary.
If you like stories that give you
nightmares, horror is what you're
looking for!
Mystery stories are all about gathering
clues and solving puzzles. Can you solve
the mystery before the character in the book does?
Action/Adventure stories are known
for their fast-paced plots and suspenseful
twists. These stories almost always
have a hero and villian.
Romance books are stories about LOVE.
These stories often tell the story of how
two people met and fell in love with each other.
So we can say that books play an important role in upbringing our feelings, views and
tastes, give us a lot of useful information. I enjoy English and American literature. It helps
me to know more about other countries, historical past of these countries, the life of their
people, their customs and traditions, the beauty of nature and human feelings.
As an old saying goes, man cannot live on bread alone. Books are the source of knowledge
and the means of self perfection.
Sometimes it is difficult to solve some problems in life. I think that books can help us.
Books must be our friends during all our life.
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