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Is this Jerusalem already?
- No, this is Egganham.
I'm so disappointed.
- Aren't we all?
So where's Jerusalem then?
-It's on a green hill. Far away.
I was hoping it was here.
In England's green
and pleasant land.
Weren't we all?
Hi, Steven.
He's right here.
It's Spielberg.
Hi, Steven.
We got the place. All we
need now is the people.
It's mister Pitt.
Just one moment. He's on
the other line to Steven.
Steve, I got Brad on the
other line. I get back to you.
Hi, Brad.
No, I haven't forgotten.
Who? Gwyneth?
She's not available.
That's what I said.
How about Nicole?
Zoe, can you get me Kidman?
I think she's in Australia. It's
the middle of the night there.
Are you in the film business
in some way?
What? Here in Egganham?
- In this pub, Jules.
They're going to film
the scene in your pub.
Oh, yes Mister B. And I
suppose Brad Pitt's in it.
They've told you.
You've heard already.
And Gwyneth Paltrow, was it?
- No, she's not available.
It's Nicole Kidman.
- Get off it, Mr. B.
A Hollywood movie in my pub!
- Not the whole film.
Just one scene. There's
a party here in your pub.
They're making a movie.
- Who are?
The Americans. - Salinger
and his lady friend?
Yeah, Salinger and his
lady friend. - Where?
Here in Egganham.
- Whereabouts in Egganham?
In the Queen's Head. - In local
pub? Whose going to be in it?
We can all be in it if we like.
- What are we going to do?
I don't know. There's going
to be auditions tomorrow.
How do you know?
Who told you?
Jules told Maurice, Maurice
told Eric, Eric told Sharon.
Sharon told Mrs. Brown,
Mrs. Brown told Deborah.
Deborah told Max
and Max told me.
How did Jules know?
Who told him?
I think it was Norman.
Yes, Norman told Jules.
That explains everything.
We are all going to be film
stars since Norman says so.
I suppose it's going to be
starring Brad Pitt and Nicole Kidman.
So you already knew. - If you
believe anything Norman says you believe that babies are found
under the gooseberry bush.
You silly billy. - But he said
he heard the Americans say they were going to make a film
in Egganham's Queen's Head.
We're all going to be in it.
I don't know what we do but there's going to be
auditions tomorrow.
And I'm
the Queen of Iceland.
I'm gonna be in the movies.
- No, you're not.
Yes I am. We all are. - We're
not "gonna" be in the movies.
What do you mean? - We are
"going" to be in the movies.
That's what I said. Ain't it?
- No, you didn't.
You didn't say "going to" be
but "gonna" be.
Same difference, ain't it.
- You're impossible.
It isn't "ain't it".
It's "isn't it".
That's what I said.
- Look.
Try to say this after me.
"How now brown cow".
Whadya mean? - Go on,
Eric. "How now brown cow".
No, Eric.
Try this one. "The rain in Spain
stays mainly on the plain".
Go on.
You're impossible. You never
learn to speak English proper.
That ain't... isn't right, is it?
It isn't "speak proper".
It's "speak properly".
God damn it, Eric Oldham.
Pardon my French.
You'll never learn to speak
proper English
Are you talking to me?
Are you talking to me?
I don't see anyone else
in here.
You talking to me?
Oh, you're a silly billy!
Are you talking to me?
Sharon Oldham, take one.
And action!
Fine, Sharon, that's fine.
Now, tell me a little about
yourself. In your own words.
I'm Sharon Oldham. My
husband's name is Eric.
We got a little girl.
She's called Mersey.
She was named
after the river Mersey.
She's nearly one.
I work part-time
as a telephonist at the Community Centre
here in Egganham.
That's all really.
Have you lived in Egganham
all your life?
Oh no. Not yet.
I'm only 22.
You see the circle
in front of you?
I want you to put your
right foot in the circle.
Now take your right foot out.
In, out
and shake it all about.
And cut!
Goodness. How silly.
My friend Maurice and I own the
Queen's Head pub in Egganham.
Before that I was a dancer.
Used to sing a bit too.
What kind of dancing?
- Well, all kinds.
Show dance, jazz dance,
a bit of ballroom.
All sorts. Then I retired from
that and bought the pub.
- No, I never did that.
My friend Maurice did though
when he was younger.
So you don't dance any more?
- The odd bit of Morris dancing.
It's a sort of old folk
dancing. Very old.
You don't see it much
these days.
It goes something like...
Thank you. We'll let you
know about the morris dancing.
Now then. Norman.
It is Norman, isn't it?
How old are you? - Old
as the hills, young man.
Are you retired?
- Yes, I am now.
I used to work in the
motion picture industry.
I was a movie star.
I'm the last surviving extra from Alfred Hitchcock's
"The 39 Steps".
I was born in Bangalore, India,
a very long time ago.
I moved to England in 1952
with my husband Vikram who has now
sadly passed away.
I have one son Bill who
helps me in the village store.
And let me tell you,
he's a very silly billy.
I recently recovered my memory.
Now I can remember everything.
I was born on September
the 29th at ten past three on ward ten of St Mary's
hospital, Islington, London.
The nurse wore blue tunic.
I can remember very well.
Her breath smells of peppermint.
- Thank you very much.
Can you sing?
- Oh yes.
Get me a drink, will you?
I'm kinda thirsty.
That was great.
Let's film it.
Sound, lights, camera,
And silence!
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