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1. Go to the facebook developer page:
2. Click “Apps” > “Create a New App”
3. Field the app detail form as you like.
The display name is the one appear the post like is:
So the form gonna be like this:
4. Enter the validation capcha:
5. Then you will be redirected to new app detail page:
6. Go to the “Settings tab”:
7. Click "+ Add Platform" button, a dialog will show up:
8. Click "Website", then you will see a form shown on the page:
9. Enter your website url to the field "Site URL" and click "Save changes". The site URL must
contain the schema type like "" or "" like this.
10. Copy the app client id and client secret:
11. Go to your fb content pro settings page:
12. Field the FB Client ID and FB Client Secret that you got above steps. Then click "Save
change button".
13. After that you click "Login with Facebook".
14. You will see a warning like this:
But dont worry, it's still work because you are the owner of the "facebook app".
15. Click "Okay".
16. Then you will be asked for the "publish_actions" permission, allow it too.
Remember to select the "Who do you want to share these posts with" to "Public":
because if you did not choose this, mean the app can not post any "public post" like a post on
your fan page.
17. After click "Okay", you will be asked for "manage_pages" permission:
Click "Okay" too.
18. Now you can use the app.
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