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5 класс (ФГОС)
М.З. Биболетова “Enjoy English”,
Unit 1
I. Complete each sentence with one of the words (phrases) below:
school clubs, to go sightseeing, famous, to improve, invitation letter
My girl-friends like … .
We have got a lot of interesting subjects and … .
All of us hope to get the … very soon.
I want to … my English and I want to learn İtalian.
Leonardo DiCaprio is … for his films.
II. Fill each blank space with the word formed from the word in the capitals.
My friend is also very … and sociable.
My favourite … is Chester Bennington from the group Linking Park.
There are many famous English …. Among them are William Shakespeare, Keepling and many
The famous composer Rakhmaninov was also a very good … .
My brother is the best … in our school.
III.Complete the questions with tag endings.
1. It’s a fine day, …?
You are studying English, …?
He gives a lesson every day, …?
4. He can speak English, …?
I wrote to you, …?
He speaks English, …?
IV. Complete the sentences. Put the adjectives in the right form.
1. This book is …. than that one. ( interesting)
2. The elephant is……animal on the land. ( big)
3. Nick is……than Rick. (strong)
4. My father is……in our family. (old)
5. Scotland is……..than England . (small)
V. Read the text and do the tasks.
My name is Natasha. I’m twelve years old. I’m in the fifth grade. I study at gymnasium number 1 in St.
Petersburg. My school is the best. My school is a four-storeyed building. The pupils of primary school
study on the ground floor. There is a big gym in our school. Our physical training lessons and different
sport competitions are held there. We celebrate holidays in assembly hall. All classrooms of our school
are light and spacious. There are physics and chemistry labs where we can make experiments. There are
new computers in the computer sciences room. Our pupils often win the city academic competitions.
Teachers who work in our school are very good. Each of them teaches well and their lessons are quite
interesting. Our form-mistress’ name is Irina. She is a teacher of Russian and literature. Thanks to her our
class is united and exemplary. All my classmates and I often go to the cinema, theatre, museums and
exhibitions. During summer holidays I miss my school. I like my school very much.
1. Choose the right title for the text.
a) About myself
b) My school.
c) My teachers.
2. Read the text and say if the sentence is true or false.
a) Natasha is in the sixth grade.
b) Her school is a four-storeyed building.
c) There is not a big gym in the school.
d) Teachers are very good and their lessons are quite interesting.
e) Natasha often goes to the cinema, theatre, museums.
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