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Date: _____________________________________________________________________
1. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the
verbs in brackets (if-clauses types 0,1 or 2)
a) If the weather is fine, we ___________ (walk) to town.
b) If the baby ___________(have) a temperature, I’ll take
him to the doctor.
c) I’ll be very happy if George ___________(come).
d) If they had money, they ___________(visit) their relatives
in Australia.
e) If we hurry, we ___________(catch) the train.
f) If they had enough money, they ___________(buy) a new car.
g) I ___________(invite) him if he were my friend.
h) If you come with me, you ___________(help) me with the shopping.
i) If Carol had a mobile phone, she ___________(phone) all her friends.
j) If the students don’t read this book, they ___________ (not know) the answers for the questions.
k) He’ll take his son to the park if he ___________(have) time.
l) If they go to Nepal, it ___________(be) a fantastic trip.
m) Janet ___________(stay) longer in Prague if she had more time.
n) If you ___________(drink) too much, you’ll be sick.
o) Susan ___________(get) a cold if she doesn’t put her coat on.
p) The children ___________(be) happy if their parents took them to the zoo.
q) If Jason comes today, we ___________(go) to the disco.
r) Alice ___________(feed) the animals if she stays at home.
s) If my parents offer me a new mobile phone, I ___________(be) very happy.
t) If Miriam studies hard, she ___________ (get) good results.
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