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Unit 5
A:Ecuse me , I'm lost. Can you help me?
B:Yeah!Of course.
A:Is there a park near here?
B:Yes,there’s one across from the hospital
A:How do I get there?
B:Go straight down the main street for two blocks, it’s on your left side.
A:Thanks , and where is the library?
B:Go down the second avenue, turn left at the second corner and you will see it.
A: OK. .Thanks for your help.
B: You are welcome.
Unit 8
A: What do you feel like doing this weekend?
B:How about going swimming?
A:That’s a good idea.
B: Let’s do that at nine o’clock.
A: And what do you want to do in the evening?
B:How about watching a movie ? That new comedy is playing downtown.
A:I don’t like comedy. Is there anything else?
B:Hmm.There’s a new love story at the Parkway Theater.
A:That sounds like fun. What time?
B:It starts at 8:00Pm
A:8:00? Let’s do it.
B:Yeah,why not? I will pick you up at 7:30
A:OK,see you this weekend. Bye bye.
A:What are you planning to do during the vacation?
B:I’m not sure.I’ll probably visit some friends.How about you?
A:Me?Well,actually I’m going to Taiwan.
B:Wow!For how long?
A:For a month.
B:Really?What are you going to do there?
A:I plan to eat a lot of food and visit Taipei 101.
B:Chinese food is very delicious. Have fun.
A:May I help you?
B:Yes,I’m looking for a dress for my girlfriend.
A:What kind were you thinking of?
B: I’m not sure. Maybe a white one?
A:I see, a white dress. This one is very nice.
B:.It really is gorgeous. How much is it?
A:It’s three hundred thirty three.
B: Oh! That’s too much .I can’t afford it.
A: If you like it, I can give you a discount.
B: How much will it cost then?
A: How about two hundred fifty dollars.
B: two hundred fifty dollars? Ok, I’ll take it.
A: Great.
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