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I like Christmas in the Estonian Way. Winter is a wonderful season
here. The snow falls, everything is white and clean. When it snows,
the sky is gray. Christmas is a big winter holiday in the whole world
and I like that. Usually we had snow at Christmas, but sometimes
there is no snow. Then it is sad and everything is dirty.
Estonia's celebration of Christmas mostly falls on Christmas Eve,
however, Christmas season starts from Advent with people buying
Advent calendars and lighting Advent candles.
I like that in Estonia the Christmas tree is always evergreen fir-tree.
But in some country’s pine used instead, because of lack of fir-tree. A
lot of family’s in worldwide used plastic tree, but thankfully these
kinds of tree are little use in Estonia. For me it takes the real
Christmas feeling when u use pine or plastic tree.
I like Traditional Estonian Christmas food, which is pork with
sauerkraut or Estonian sauerkraut, baked potatoes and swede with
hog's head, white and blood sausage, and potato salad with red beet
and pâté. I like this food very much.
I love Christmas in Estonia because of all these arguments,
unfortunately, I don’t know which is Christmas in other countries, but
I guess that Estonia has most lovely Christmas in the world.
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