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First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Victor Kovalenko. I am seventeen years old. I
am a pupil of the 11th form. My family lives in Kyyiv in one of the residential areas. My parents
have two more kids besides me. Thus I have got an elder sister Vira and a younger brother Alec.
My brother is a schoolboy, too. He is thirteen. My sister is three years my senior. So she is twenty
already. She is a designer by profession. She is married. Her husband is a journalist. They are four
in the family. She has two children — a son and a daughter. They are twins. They are lovely little
kids with golden hair and dark blue eyes.
My parents are not old at all. Daddy is forty four and Mum is four years his junior. My
grandparents are already pensioners, but they are still full of life and energy. I have many relatives
— aunts, uncles, cousins.
My father is an engineer in computers and my mother is a teacher of English at the University.
They like their work very much.
1 am fond of reading books on history and fiction. I am going in for sports. I like playing
football (soccer), basketball and chess. Especially I am good at chess. I take part in different chess
competitions and tournaments.
In a year I shall finish my school and I have to decide what to do: either to apply for a job or for
a study. Actually I study well and make some progress in liberal arts subjects. I am particularly
interested in history, literature and languages. So I am going to enter the University.
to be born in — народитися
to work as a teacher (as an engineer, as a doctor, etc.) — працювати вчителем (інженером,
he is five years younger (elder) than I am- він на п'ять років молодший (старший) за мене,
to attend school (classes) — ходити до школи (на заняття)
to consist of — складатися з...
to show great interest in something — виявляти великий інтерес до чогось
to be one's hobby — бути чиїмось захопленням
to become a musician (a physicist, a fitter, etc.) — стати музикантом (фізиком, слюсарем тощо)
a housewife — домогосподарка
to marry somebody — одружуватися з кимось
relatives — родичі
a cousin - двоюрідний брат; двоюрідна сестра
а a nephew —небіж, племінник
a niece — небога, племінниця
to be retired on pension — йти на пенсію
1. How old is Victor Kovalenko?
2. How many members does his family consist of?
3. Where does his family live?
4. How old are his parents?
5. Has Victor many relatives?
1. Practice of new material.
a) Answer the following questions.
1. How old are you?
2. Where and when were you born?
3. At what age did you go to school?
4. What social duties did you carry out at school?
5. What is your favourite occupation at leisure?
6. Where did you work?
7. How long did you work there?
8. Where would you like to work after graduating from the College?
9. How many are you in -the family?
10. Have you any brothers or sisters?
11. What are your parents?
12. Where do your parents work?
13. How old are your parents?
14. Does your mother like her work?
15. In what way do you help your parents?
16. Are your parents pensioners or do they still work?
17. Which of your relatives do you want to be like?
b) Make up questions and give answers.
What is
c ) Complete the sentences
My sister (brother)
d)Make up sentences
My father’s
My sister’s
My brother’s
My uncle’s
My friend’s
My mother’s
was born
hobby is
place of birth?
place of work?
when? where?
Appendix 1
Let me introduce myself. My full name is Oksana Mykolaivna Ivanchenko. I was born
on the 2nd of May, 1983, in Ternopil. My parents are 37 years old. My father is an architect. He
likes his work and spends much time at his office. My mother is an English teacher at school
number 6. She likes her work, too. Her pupils often come to us and read English books in the
original. My elder sister is a student at the Academy of National Economy. She is going to be a
manager at a firm. My brother is a student, too. He studies at the department of the technological
equipment and automated control systems. He is taught by a highly-qualified staff of professors and
teachers. So my brother is going to be a highly-skilled engineer. He likes music. His favourite group
is "Nirvana".
As for me, I want to study marketing or management after leaving school and to work
for an international company as a managing director.
My favourite subjects at school are Mathematics and Literature. I've got a good
collection of books at home. When I have free time I go in for sport. I'm good at table tennis.
My grandparents live in a small village not far from Ternopil. They are pensioners, so
they don't work. Our family has many relatives. Most of them live in Ternopil. My cousin lives in
Canada. He studies at the Art College there.
Our family is very united. We love and help each other.
Appendix 2. Cathy’s Questions
Family and Friends
Tell me four things you like to do with your family.
Do you have family in the United States? If yes, who?
When is your whole family together?
Tell me about your parents. Where do they live? What do they do?
Tell me four things that make a good parent.
5. What is a "good-sized" family to have? Why?
6. What is a "good age" for people to get married? Why?
7. Is it good to live with your parents after you are married? Why or why not?
8. Is it important for all married couples to have children? Why or why not?
9. Are there people who should not have children? If yes, who and why?
10. What makes a happy marriage? Why?
11. Is divorce always bad or is it sometimes necessary?
12. Are your grandparents alive? If yes, which ones?
13. Tell me about your favorite grandmother.
14. Tell me about your favorite grandfather.
15. Do you want your grandparents to live in your home? Why or why not?
16. Tell me about your aunts and uncles. Where do they live?
17. Do you have brothers or sisters? How old are they? Where do they live?
18. Do you have nieces and nephews? Tell me about them.
19. Which family member do you feel closest to? Why?
20. Do you look like your mother or father?
21. Where are you from? Where were you born?
22. When is your birthday? How old are you now?
23. Tell me three good memories of your family or friends.
24. Who is one of your favorite people? Why?
25. Who is your best friend? Why?
26. Who are your good friends? What do they do? Where do they live?
27. What do you like to do with your friends?
28. Do you like to gossip? Why or why not?
29. Do you tell your best friend everything? Why or why not?
30. Which do you need more: a new friend or a new car? Why?
31. Do you have friends from different countries? Who? Where are they from?
32. Do you write letters to friends or relatives?
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