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Ist Young Scientists’ Congress
Sustainable Development Issues
15 May 2015, Moscow
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
Who can be a Speaker
- Doctors (till 45 y.o.) and Candidates (till 40 y.o.) of Science;
- Postgraduate and master degree program students;
- Members of Councils of young scientists
Accommodation in the Financial University Student Residence Halls is provided to
all nonresident speakers
Congress languages: Russian and English. Simultaneous translation will be
provided during the meetings.
Important Dates: 24 April 2015 – deadline for registration and articles submission
30 April 2015 - the notice to authors about acceptance of papers in conference
All papers will be published in the electronic collection of scientific works indexed
in the Russian Science Citation Index database.
Awards of the 1st Young Scientists’ Congress
- Participants’ Certificates;
- The best papers will be selected for the publication in the reviewed scientific
magazines: Vestnik Finansovogo Universiteta (Bulletin of the Financial University),
Review of Business and Economics Studies (in English), Upravlencheskiye Nauki
(Managerial Sciences), Nauchnye Zapiski Molodykh Issledovateley (Scientific
Notes of Young Scientists).
Paper Requirements
- from 12 to 20 thousand signs (without formulas; no more than 3 fig. and 5 tab.)
-paper name, keywords and an abstract - in English and Russian
- list of references (registration in accordance with GOST): from 5 to 10 sources
- universal decimal classification number
Management of a Sustainable Development of Social and Economic Systems
Monetary Sphere and Banking Business: Crisis or New Wave?
Import Substitution and Clustering as Actual Problems of the Russian Industry
Informational and Analytical Support of a Sustainable Development of the
Corporate Social Responsibility: New View
Corporate Finance: New View
Macroeconomic Regulation: Management under the Sign of Uncertainty
Tax Incentives of Small Business for the Sustainable Development Purpose
Political and Economic Priorities of Russian Development: global and national
Russia and Oil: Raw Damnation or Competitive Advantage?
Social Measurement of the Human Capital in the World and Regions of Russia
Inflation Targeting in Russia: Whether there is a Chance of Success?
Management of the Modern Megalopolis Sustainable Development: Problems
and Prospects
Human Resource Management in Social and Economic Systems
Stability and Nonlinear Dynamics in Social, Economic and Natural Systems
Financial Marketing in the Conditions of Corporate Resource Optimization: a
Development or Recession?
Panel Discussion “Councils of Young Scientists: the Best Practice” (examples of
successful experience of realization of scientific youth policy).
Contact Information
Tel.: +7 (499) 943-94-61, E-mail: [email protected]
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