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The Resolution of the international conference
«Human Rights: Experience of EU and Russia Federation»
28-29 October 2013
Human rights have become the common base for developing the post-war Europe. Since
the end of the Cold War human rights have also become the foundation for developing
democratic Russia. We, the participants of the conference «Human Rights: Experience of EU
and Russian Federation» express our support of the efforts aimed at strengthening
common dialogue between Russia and the European Union, based on the principles of
respect and promotion of human rights. Non-governmental organizations and civil society
are the key elements of successful development of the democratic and human rights
institutes and a means to establishment of the common space between Russia and Europe.
Recently NGOs in Russia have been overcoming difficult times because of the legislation on
so called “foreign agents”. This has significantly hindered Russian NGOs and de facto forced
them to move from the public domain. Governmental decisions taken in the name of
protection of sovereignty and the so-called «national traditions», which have been
understood in exclusively conservative way, have lead to several negative tendencies.
Those are: lack of the dialogue between the civil society and the government in Russia, and
the marginalization of the civil organizations active in the field.
Fulfillment by Russia of its international obligations in the sphere of developing of the civil
and human rights education could contribute to the successful integration of Russia into
democratic Europe. At the same time there is a regretful tendency of limiting the number
of opportunities for promoting education in the field of human rights, especially on the
university level.
The participants of the conference note with concern that the right to a freedom of peaceful
assembly, including those advocating for the radical ideas, should be considered not a
privilege but a fundamental right of every person. Recent events have demonstrated that
the implementation of these rights in modern Russia is not only limited but is continued to
be limited not only by legislation, but also by abusing powers by the State authorities.
Conference participants will continue contributing to the promotion of the human rights
dialogue and strengthening relations between Russia and European Union, based on the
ideas of human rights and human dignity.
In the light of the above the participants of the conference believe that only the consistent
compliance of the Russian government with the international standards including the
European ones, in human rights and NGOs treatment, the freedom of speech and assembly,
would be the step forward of the cooperation between Russia and European Union, based
on the principles of human rights and the rule of law.
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