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When traveling to Mexico for Business, stop at the Mexican Port of Entry Immigration Office (open 7
days/week, 24 hours) and request a Forma Migratoria Multiple (FMM).
You will be requested to show proof of citizenship (valid passport and letter of invitation is required for
all nationalities except Canadians, Japanese and US citizens who do not require Letter of Invitation).
Upon arrival at the Delphi location, you must show your FMM and register as a visitor. Please keep this
form with you at all times while visiting any of our plants.
The FMM must be returned on the way out of Mexico, in order to obtain the exit stamp and avoid fines.
Do not keep the form, even though you think that you might be returning prior to the expiration. You
shall obtain an FMM for each visit.
Once you have returned your FMM, the Immigration Officer will stamp your identification documents
with the date you left Mexico. BE CERTAIN TO VERIFY THIS HAS OCCURRED.
Delphi Mexico is not able to cancel FMM's for visitors as fines are applicable. It is the visitor's
responsibility to cancel the FMM to avoid fines.
Effective June 24th 2013: If your trip is scheduled to last 7 or less days in Mexico you may request to
the Immigration Officer an FMM valid only for 7 days, this will exempt you from the $25 USD
payment. Just make sure the agent stamps your FMM with a black stamp.
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