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“English: A Global Language?”
By Jeff Leiper
Brittany Sherbert
David Crystal. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of
Language. 1987.
Facts about English
English is present on every continent
It is used officially in over 60 countries
It is prominent in over 20 more countries
80% of electronically-stored information is done
so in English
• Over 80 million study English at the secondary
level (not including China)
• The first computers were American
Origins of English
• English is derived from the language of Angles,
Saxons, and Jutes
• English is an “increasingly classless” language
• It can no longer be thought of as a national
Story in Real-Life
father - Was - your - angry?
• This question was asked of three students: Keiko
(20; Japan), Dorothee (17; France), and Jung
(23; Korea). They are studying English in a
beginner-to-intermediate class at Living
Languages Institute in Ottawa, Canada. Their
reason for studying English—to get a job.
However, it is not a necessity; studying English
will help to further their endeavors.
English in Use
• Much of the internet is written in English
• Third-party mediums between countries are in
• Many top superstars, in entertainment or sports,
speak Enlgish (i.e. Oprah Winfrey, Angelina
Jolie, Paul McCartney, Michael Jordan)
Jenny Cheshire. English Around the
World: Sociolinguistic Perspectives. 1991.
“It is important that amid this understandable
interest and enthusiasm we do not overlook the
more undesirable consequences of the
development of English as a world language. ...
From a social and political point of view, the
spread of English around the world was largely
the result of exploitation and colonisation, and
in many multilingual countries English is still
the language of an exclusive elite.”
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