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General purpose
CRM & Billing
Ticket driven
Rich toolset in
Integration layer
Key components
• User and role management
• Customer profile management
• Customer account management (charges & payments)
• Services and tariff management
• Business flow management (ticketing)
• Warehouse (customer side installed device management)
• Integration and automation
Supporting components
• Customer care and technical support
• Address and Network topology management
• Reporting
• Integration layer adapters (Diameter server, VOD CDR analyzer, EPG
crawler, etc…)
• Call center monitoring
• Customer self care
General concepts of customer
• Customer is registered and as a result customer profile is being formed
• A default account is being created for customer
• One or couple of tickets are opened for customer for service activation
General concepts of customer
• Tickets are being forwarded from thread to thread until all the
necessary work is done for activating service to customer
General concepts of customer
Finally ticket gets forwarded to step indicating that service is already active
which in turn activates Service & tariff management component and service
instance with requested tariff is being created and assigned to customer.
The same service and tariff management component takes care of service daily
tasks: calculate fees, request for service suspension if account balance is low
General concepts of customer
Payments module takes care for registering payments to accounts
General concepts of customer
• The further tariff change and/or termination of service are also
initiated and done means of tickets.
• At each step tickets processing can be automated by special scripts
(Integration and automation module)
• All the tickets and their flow history are becoming part of user profile
User and role management
• Access is controlled via permissions to every view and/or button
• Permissions are grouped to roles
• User is assigned to multiple roles
• Built in user/role management based on application database
• LDAP (planned in further releases)
Key module
Customer profile management
Difference profiles for physical and juridical customers
File attachments to profiles
Tax calculation schemes
Ability to manage contracts for better invoice generation
History of all activities on profile
General overview of
• User accounts and balances
• Services, addresses and provided devices
• Convenient documents printing from profile
Key module
Account management
Multiple accounts per customer
Multiple services can be bound to single account
Batch charging service for offline billing
Charge tagging for better reports (per service type, cashier, etc…)
Cashier received payments tracking and tools for cash transfers among
• Flexible reporting for service components for flexible tariffication
Key module
Services and tariff management
Plain monthly fee charging Internet, TV, etc..
Phone service with semi-online billing
TV service with per channel charging
Any other service is implemented on customer demand
• Time based price configuration
• Time based service parameter configuration
 Suspension/Resumption thresholds
 Charging tags
 Balance limits for suspension/resumption
 Parameters can be defined in tariff or left for filling in service
activation requests
Key module
Business flow management
Driven by tickets
Ticket flow configuration per ticket type
Tickets can be pushed forward/backward with their resolution
Special ticket manipulation views for separate steps in ticket lifecycle
Configurable ticket access control
Possibility to assign automatic ticket pre and post handlers for action
verification and automatic resolution
Key module
• Keeps the records of all end user devices
• Multiple stock and management of stock-to-stock and stock-to-user
• Convenient tools for device registration (barcode scanners and batch
• Full device history
• Integration with business flow component (special ticket view for
device assignment to end user)
Key module
Integration and automation - I
• Rich integration API support (Telnet, TL1, SSH, SNMP, HTTP, SOAP, FTP,
• Ability to create shared libraries
• Integration with business flow and tickets auto resolution
• Possibility to create tasks for system maintenance and statistics
• JavaScript based scripting engine allowing access to all system
Key module
Integration and automation - II
Live proven
• Telnet
 ONT configuration
 STB rebooting
 DHCP lease analysis
 BRAS RADIUS provisioning
 Ericsson CAI3G provisioning –
 EPG publisher
 Wi-Fi ONT configuration
 Wi-Fi ONT configuration
 EPG crawling
 Mass mailing & notifications
 Ticket auto-resolution
Key module
Customer care and tech. support
• Quick read only access to customer profiles
 General personal data
 Account balance and latest activities (charges and payments)
 Tickets history
 Services and their current states
• Direct access to integration tools from within customer profile
 Check customer device configuration and possible faults
 Check customer provisioning data
 Auto fix or reconfigure customer services
 Check for similar problems on customers of same BLM and/or OLT
Supporting module
• Based on open source BI solution (
• Integrated BCRM user and role management
• Nearly 200 reports include financial, marketing, sales and hardware stats
• Apart from reports also provides bunch of standard templates for daily
Supporting module
Integration layer adapters
• Diameter server
 Offline CDR registration
 CDR analysis and phone service tariffication
 Semi-online billing with 5 minutes lag
• TV adapter
 Web page crawler for EPG collection
 Manual EPG editing
 EPG publishing to IAP with verification
 VOD CDR auto-import and semi-online billing with 30 minutes lag
• Internet service adapter
 Per MB traffic counter with 30 minutes lag
Supporting module
Call center monitoring
• Asterisk PBX based solution
• Web based UI
• Registers operator activities and generates report of done work by
• Fully integration is planned with customer care module
 Automatic navigation to customer profile when call is picked
 Tools for quick call forwarding to operator who initially was handling
the issue
Supporting module
Customer self care
• Web portal
 Personal information edit
 Account information
 Service/tariff management
• PBX customizations
 Information services
• Payments accepting
 All local payment machines
 Master, Visa Card accepting
 ARCA virtual cards
Supporting module
Tel.: +37460 500 650
E-mail: [email protected]
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