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Analyzing an advertisement
Content: graphics/images
Advertising claim
Persuasive technique
Purpose of ad
Saying no doesn’t just make for a simpler ingredient list.
It makes for wholeness, great-tasting cereals and snacks
your family will love. At least that’s what we’ve been doing
since 1971.
Target Audience:
Persuasive Technique(s)
Persuasive Claim(s) – language:
Persuasive Images/Layout/Design
The Barbara’s Bakery items are advertised with a
target audience of young families in mind. These young
families have children, are concerned about health and
wellness, and want simple snacks to provide for more
family time. The persuasive technique of transfer is
used when we see the picture of the family walking in
the woods on a beautiful fall day, maybe trying to get
away from a hectic schedule. The picture suggests a
positive , quiet family time. The persuasive technique
of facts is seen in the copy following the headline NO.
NO captures attention because the picture is so
positive; what is meant by NO? Following is a factual list
of what is NOT in the product. There are some weasel
word claims; what exactly is “Bad Stuff and Good
Stuff”? The advertiser wants the reader to think that
the cereal is the “good stuff.” The logo is a heart with
pictures of farmland in it. This suggests health and
goodness. The warm tan color suggests grains and good
nutrition. This ad does influence the audience to
consider what is good, nutritious and simple by using
the specific techniques, claims, content and design. The
ad is effective, and young families just might look for
Barbara’s Bakery items.
Until now, an attractive, fully-featured
frontload laundry pair was a luxury
for the privileged few. Not anymore.
This new GE brand pair conserves so much
water and energy, you’ll save every time
you use it. Get GE’s frontload laundry pair,
and give the kind of clean, capacity, and
convenience you need.
Imagination at work
A product of
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