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Acton Plan
Mr Shabbir Rizvi
DAPS Seaview
Fine Arts
Long Term Goal
Adopt 21st century teaching approaches
to enhance students’
Appreciation of Arts
To make Arts more interesting and
Short-Term Goals
Change my questioning strategies with
students to promote critical thinking
Focus on encouraging students insted of
 encourage collaboration among students
Help students understand that they can use
each other as resources
Instructional Strategies and Tasks
• I will provide more
opportynities for
stydents to answer
questions that reqyire
higher-order thinking
• I will provide students
with time for group
• I will ask questions that
require stydents to
explain how they came
to an answer
• I will allow students to
gather in randomly
assigned groups or pairs
to discuss how to best
solve mathematical
Solutions to Anticipated Challenges
Solutions to Anticipated Challenges
A. The poincipal may not
agree with my new
B. Parents may not
ynderstand my methods
C. I do not own a computer
D. There may ne some
stydents who do not want
to word together
A. I will share the course manual
and my roles from this course
with my principal
B. I wioo yse my new word
processing skills to create a
news letter to inform parents of
my new methods
C. I will stay after school to use a
computer in the school’s
comuputer lab to create
prodictivity tools
D. I will randomly group students
to encourage collaboration with
all class members
Time line
I will tocys
encouragement,rathe than
I will focys on questioning
I will syccessfylly adopt 21st
centhry teaching approached
in my classroom
I will work on creating
collaborative groujps or jpairs
•Other teachers who teachmy same grade and sybject
•Word processing, multimedia, and spreadsheets
•Intel kTeach Programe Getting Started Course manual
By implementing my newly acquired 21st
centyry teaching approaches, students will
be empowered and will appreciate and gain
a better knowedge of arts
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