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Poropelit Oy
There have always been reindeer in Finland.
But nobody has made a popular reindeer game.
• Developing and distributing a reindeer themed
mobile game
• Selling in-game content and spin-off products
– Spin-off products include reindeer toys, ”actual”
reindeer products like hides or meat and souvenirs
– Buying spin-off products adds content to the game
– Spin-off products and game also refer to each other
for advertising purposes
• Profit also comes from a reasonable amount of
in-game advertising
Business profile
• Limited liability company (Ltd, osakeyhtiö)
• Roles:
– Managing director: Anette Perkiö
– Vice managing director: Susan Lappi
– Software director: Petrus Asikainen
– Marketing director: Emma Halonen
• Location: Kerava
Market & competitors
• The mobile market is very big and growing
quickly; freemium products are often profitable
• In the mobile market games may spread quickly
(for example, Flappy Bird)
• Target customers are people around the world,
probable buyers for the spin-off products might
be wealthy Russians
• Competitors are other game companies like
Supercell (Clash of Clans), Rovio (Angry Birds)
Marketing & public relations
• The game will be distributed through standard
app markets
• Additional products will be sold in Finland at
start, both in smaller stores and supermarkets
• Game will be advertised as fun and free,
”special offers” can be used
• The main marketing channel for the spin-off
products is the game
• Startup grant: a government agency pays
30–50€/person/day for up to 18 months to
young entrepreneurs
• In-app advertising
• In-app purchases
• Spin-off products
Basic costs
• App Store 73€/year
• Google Play 18€ (single payment)
• Premises for rent 5400€/year + electricity & water
• Facebook 0,48€/click
• YouTube 0,20€/view
• Google 0,40€/click
Spin-off products:
• Reindeer soft animals: 500 units à 2,44€ = 1220€
• Stickers: 10 000 units = 700€
Game demo
We have also created a
demo for our game. We
will present it now.
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