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By the end you will be able to :
1 – know how people spend the Eid day.
2 – Name three activities associated with Eid day .
3 – Say what children do on the Eid.
What do you do on Eid day or any other important
share your ideas with the friend in front of you for
2 minutes.
How do people in Egypt celebrate this
day ?.........
I am going to tell you.
Think , pair and share …………… ( 5 minutes)
How do children spend the day , where do they get
‫أغنية العيد فرحة‬
‫شاهد اجواء العيد في مصر‬
‫أغنية فرحة العيد تجمعنا‬
* After watching the song, what can you tell
us about the Eid day in Egypt?
** Is it like the Eid in the USA? Why?
*** Do you have such songs about any
festivals here ?
‫كل عام وانتم بخير‬
Exit ticket….
Write a sentence about how people
celebrate the Eid in the Arab world in
Arabic using these words – ‫العيد – يزور‬
‫بهجة – عيدية – العاب – يهنئ‬
Thank you …..
Mr. Ayman Abdelkhalek
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