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Session Objectives#12
Compare the effectiveness of creating programs in a visual programming language
(block) and high level language such as JavaScript or Python
Understand and use iteration and selection in an algorithm
Understand and use sequence in an algorithm
Create programs use efficient code (a minimum number of
GCSE Computing#BristolMet
Programming Key Terms
Before you embark on your practical investigation you will need
to know the meaning of some key programming terms:
Algorithm – A series of steps designed to solve a mathematical
or other problem
Sequence – A list of instructions to be carried out in order,
one after the other.
Selection – The pathway through a program is selected by using a
condition to decide on what instructions to execute next i.e IF
Statements, or SELECT CASE Statements.
Iteration (repitition) – A group of instructions is executed
repeatedly until a condition is met.
GCSE Computing#BristolMet
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