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A Degraded Image
After a day at Starbucks
Step 1: Instagram (Insta) your
Starbucks Beverage
Step 2: Print out Insta photo
in black and white
Step 3
Soak the black and
white image in French
Vanilla creamer for a few
minutes. Yum!
Step 4
Cut the image into strips once it has dried
Step 5
Dip a few of the strips
from the image into
caramel and sprinkle
chunks of chocolate
(mostly for added effect)
Step 6
Chop but the strips
dipped in caramel into
tiny pieces and sprinkle
over cereal with chocolate
chunks. I know it looks
gross, but it’s really not I
Step 7
Eat the cereal. Which wasn’t bad at all.
Step 8
My own personalized
Starbucks cup of me eating
Step 9
Insta the final picture and wait for people to like it <3
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