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Are You Connected?
Your required materials…
Connect Reading 2.0
2nd edition  2013 ©
What is Connect?
With Connect, you can complete
your coursework anytime and
Connect gives you access to
your assignments, 130 reading
selections, videos, animations,
Personal Learning and more…
Connect Reading 2.0
Including over a 130
reading selections
Connect Reading 2.0
Connect Reading 2.0 features over a
130 reading selections and
assessment questions that instructors
can utilize in their classroom. The
online reading selections also allow
for students to insert and review their
own notes, highlight the text, search
for specific information, and interact
with multiple multi-media resources.
As an instructor you can also
automatically share your eBook notes
with your students online.
What is Personal Learning?
Connect’s Personal
Learning Plan is an
adaptive learning system
designed to help students
learn faster, study more
efficiently, and retain
more knowledge for
greater success.
Why use Connect & the Personal Learning Plan?
Students who use Connect &
the Personal Learning Plan
are more successful in the
course, receive higher
grades and, have better
retention rates than their
peers not using Connect.
You can now purchase LearnSmart for some of your other
courses. Most McGraw-Hill products have LearnSmart, so
just visit the LearnSmart site to find out more.
You have choices!
Connect 2.0
All digital, includes the Personal Learning Plan, 130 reading
selections, and access to corresponding assignments
Print Text + Connect
Includes everything within Connect and the printed textbook
Loose-leaf Text + Connect
Includes everything within Connect and a three-hole punch
version of the printed textbook
Get started in 5 easy steps.
1. Go the web address provided by your Instructor.
2. Click the “Register Now” Button.
3. Enter your email address.
4. Enter your access code, select “Buy Online”, or you can
“Start Free Trial” if you don’t have an access code.
5. Complete the registration form, click “Submit”
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