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Guide for Employees
What is An Industrial Injury?
This includes but may not
be limited to:
 Accidents
 Injuries
 Exposures to harmful
 Occupational diseases
(from exposures in the
Is This An Emergency?
911 for any
Always Dial
life threatening
If it is not a life
threatening emergency,
call TriageNow with your
Step 1: Report Injury
 Report the injury to your
 Call TriageNow with
your supervisor.
 Your supervisor will step
away to allow you
Call TriageNow
If your Supervisor is
not physically
on site…
Supervisor on
Site?…Report Injury
to Supervisor and
he/she will contact
TriageNow with you.
Important! It is still
the Employees
responsibility to
notify their
Supervisor of an
Industrial Injury.
Supervisor, Lead or
co-worker not on
site? Contact Public
Safety to make the
call to TriageNow
with you.
Supervisor not
onsite? Inform the
Lead in charge and
he/she will contact
TriageNow with you.
Supervisor and Lead
not on site? Inform a
co-worker who is
nearby to make
TriageNow call.
Step 2: Have Ready…
 Paper and Pen
 Injured Employees
Demographics (social
Employer name and address
Injury location
Supervisor Name and Phone#
Date/time injury was
reported to Supervisor
Names of witnesses
Step 3: Call TriageNow Hotline
 Intake Coordinator or
RN will gather
information regarding
the injured employee
and the incident.
 Employee will then be
triaged by the nurse.
 Nurse will then inform
your Supervisor of the
Step 4:
Facility Referral
Medical Treatment Centers
 If medical treatment is
 U.S. Healthworks
needed, a facility referral will
be made.
 TriageNow immediately
notifies the Medical Facility if
the injured employee is
arriving and sends an
incident report to District
Risk Management.
 FastMed
 Concentra
 NOTE: Centers with this sign
do not accept Industrial
Injury cases.
Step 5
Physicians Release Notice
 Upon return to work, you
must provide your supervisor
with a physicians release to
duty. If you are released to
light or modified duty, the
medical release form must
indicate these limitations.
 District policy is to
accommodate all light duty
Good To Know
 Always call TriageNow unless the injury can be treated
with a first aid kit. Example: paper cut
 Call TriageNow again if symptoms worsen or new
symptoms arise.
 Interpreters are available if necessary.
 TriageNow automatically sends reports to Risk
Management and the Work Comp Adjustor after
completion of the call.
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