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Mosaic -
Notes to consider for lecture;
• symmetry and colour ~ main categories of aesthetic beauty
•“the foremost aspect of colour to be appreciated was its value as light”
• early – wall/pavement mosaic ∆ pebbles and coloured stone, marble
• then – some artificially coloured terra cotta and glass on walls ↑ chromatic range
• Corinth – earliest surviving glass tesserae floor
• decisive break between pavement and wall work = intro. metallic tesserae
• metallic cubes – irregularity deliberate (setting) to ↑ light movement
• complex iconography of light
• Galla Placidia “there shines in the sanctuary a single light, entering through 3
windows in the wall: another eloquent symbol of the Trinity of Father, Son, &
Holy Spirit
• 726 edict = no representational images = ↑ floral patterns & abstract symbols +
• 726 – 843 iconoclast period
• use of Divine Light
• plain exterior vs. glittering mosaic interior ~ many comparisons to be made
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