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Embedded System Conference
Nimhans Convention Center
July 21-23, 2010
Event Detail
 Date:
21st – 23rd July, 2010
NIMHANS Convention Centre
9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Give aways
Booth Pictures
Booth Pictures
Booth Pictures
Booth Pictures
Session by Bhoopalgouda
--- On Innovating with Intel Atom for the Deeply Embedded Space
Demo Showcased detail
• WIPRO’s Atom-based “Medical Gateway”
an “in-home Patient Monitoring Device that monitors vital health parameters like BP, Spo2, ECG through
various interfaces like Bluetooth, USB, RS-232, Wifi and transmits the monitored data to the hospital/Care
provider’s Network through Ethernet/GSM
• WIPRO’s Atom-based “In-vehicle Infotainment Solution”
that demonstrates the concept of a “connected car”. Connected car allows car owners and passengers to
bring-in apps from their CE devices (Mobile Phone, Audio Player, Music in USB pen drivers, etc) and use
them in the vehicle as well as allows them to connect to external services (Internet Radio, Traffic Information,
Off-board Navigation, etc) from the vehicle.
• Wysine’s Atom-based Energy Management Solution
enables users to monitor and manage their home energy consumption in real time. The solution allows users to
know the power consumption at the mains as well as at every plug in a house– which means you can know the
exact amount of power each device in your home is consuming at any given time.
Demo Showcased detail
Procsys Handheld platform on Menlow xl.
Analogics Atom-based Handheld Terminals
can be used in field by sales teams to automate their work or by bank/insurance personnel for banking
/financial transactions in rural areas.
IWAVE & Wind River
Atom- based “In-vehicle Infotainment Solution” allows passengers to play audio, watch video , chatting,
browsing and navigation from inside a car.
Pako & Inforce
localized IA based board designs based on ATOM ZXX /N270 series
Demo Showcased @ Booth
Demo Showcased @ Booth
Mementos presented to Partner’s
Mementos presented to Partner’s
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