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The Parish
The Parish
What is a parish?
Who makes up a parish?
The Parish
It might surprise you to know that a parish
priest is a very busy man. He works 6 days a
week and can be on call 24hrs a day. Many parish
priests have more than 1 parish to look after.
Produce a mind map of all the things a parish
priest might do.
The Parish
Fr. (insert name) will be in to speak to us next
lesson about what he does.
Prepare some questions about his duties as a
parish priest.
The Parish
Having listened to your parish priest speak about
his duties add to your mind map anything you
have missed.
Did any of the priest’s duties surprise you?
The Parish
Working in groups, make a list of
a) jobs that need done
b) groups that might meet
Now discuss who is responsible for each
The Parish
Within each parish there will be lots of different groups.
Below are just some examples.
One World Group
Children’s Liturgy
Charismatic Prayer Group
Altar Servers
Baptismal Catechesis / Preparation
The Parish
All of these parish groups are essential to the parish and
enhance the faith life of all its members. While the parish
priest will be involved in many of these groups, it is the lay
people who run most of them.
We will be holding a Parish Conference for all S6 students to
attend. During this event you will meet some of the people
who work in our local parishes and learn about some of the
The Parish
Working in groups prepare some questions to be asked during
the Parish Conference.
Some example question:
What is the aim of your group?
What work do you do?
Why do you volunteer within your parish?
The Parish
After the conference pick 2 or 3 of the groups
you met with and prepare a wall display on their
work and how they contribute to the life of a
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