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I love the idea of a celebration for Monkeys!
On the 25th November each year in Lopburi
the locals put on a lavish party, but it's not
for them, it's for Monkeys.To say a big thank
you to the Monkeys who help to bring
thousands of tourists to the village every year
a buffet with over two tonnes of food is laid
out for more than 600 hundred Monkeys to
This is probably the most unusual Festival I have
come across so far, El Colacho, the Baby
Jumping Festival.
It seems like a bit of a crazy idea, jumping over
babies, but never the less to celebrate Corpus
Christi each year babies are laid out in rows in the
streets of Castrillo de Murcia for men dressed as
the devil to jump over. It is believed that as the
devil jumps over the babies the babies sins stick to
the devil and he takes them away.How babies
can have sins when they are babies I'm not so
sure and why no one is worried the Devils will fall
and land on the babies baffles me, but otherwise
this seems like good fun!
Who would have thought that there could be
an entire festival dedicated to radishes?! Well
there is and it's held annually in
Mexico.Noche de Rábanos or the Night of the
Radishes has been celebrated in Mexico since
1897 to celebrate the custom of radish
sculpting adopted my market sellers to
advertise on their stalls. Each year prizes are
awarded for the best radish sculptors and
judging by the video below everyone gets
This is a much more famous festival than some of
the others, but it is equally as unusual!
Each year in the town of Brunol in Spain 20,000
people arrive to throw tomatoes at each other. I'm
not sure why this started and what the significance
of the tomatoes is but it's seems like pretty good fun
to me!
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