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Action Plan –
Intel ISEF
Educator Academy
Phoenix, Arizona
Intel ISEF Educator Academy
Intel® Education Programs
This is your working document
What do you want to accomplish
Who is going to do what
When is it going to get done
What resources did you see this week that you’d like to adapt for use
What resources do you need for your plan
Tell us what helped you most, what is missing, and what needs
As you work, post your Action Plan on the Ed Academy Community so
that others may observe your work (
Post your final presentation to the Community or on a USB Memory Stick
Please Title and name the file, identifying your location
 A report out of accomplishments is due Nov. 15
Work with your Intel Education Manager to submit
Note: sample completed Action Plans from 2012 are on the Intel website:
Intel ISEF Educator Academy
Intel® Education Programs
High Level Goals
Jonk Fuerscher aims through the science programme to
encourage and nurture young scientists in order to enhance
the scientific capability of the country.
– Long term goals
– Promote a scientific enquiry culture in Luxembourg currently dominated by the
financial sector.
– Involve government and teaching unions into promoting a scientific culture.
– Enthuse young people, parents and teachers to become proactive in enhancing the
scientific culture of Luxembourg.
– Short term goals
– Involve learned societies in Europe with our programme.
– Engage EVERY school in Luxembourg
– Improve the presentation skills, continuous monitoring and progress.
– Increase public/private funding to augment activities.
Intel ISEF Educator Academy
Intel® Education Programs
How will you know you succeeded?
Please list the results you want to see
– Access to all schools facilitated by government.
– Have an ambassador in each school.
– increase the number of participants by 20%, 30% and 50% in the
following 3 years.
– Active involvement of teachers prior and post national competition.
– Add 5 scientific events to calendar year by year 2
Intel ISEF Educator Academy
Intel® Education Programs
Action Plan – Steps to Meet
Your Goals and Objectives
Who is
Due Date
Example: Organize regional
forum to orient science teachers
to promote science fairs among
Reach 200 teachers
Team Member XX
from under-developed
regions of the country
Oct 2012
Example: Implement a science
research course at the high
Sept. 2013
Team Member XX
Or use this Excel document and embed it
into your plan
Intel ISEF Educator Academy
Intel® Education Programs
As a result of your participation in the 2013 Educator Academy,
please reflect on your experience
•Highlight what your team felt was the key learning from the Educator
What impressed you the most?
Which Shop Talks were the most beneficial for your team?
•What would you improve?
•What types of Shop Talks were missing?
Intel ISEF Educator Academy
Intel® Education Programs
Thank you for participating in
the 2013 Intel ISEF Educator
Intel ISEF Educator Academy
Copyright © 2012
2013 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved. Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in
the U.S. and other countries. *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.
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