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Towards more effective
Capacity Development
Module 6:
Harmonized Support
CD Quality grid requirement:
4. Harmonized support
4.1 Has TC support from other donors in the sector been
screened to ensure complementarity with that proposed by
the EU? Have other main donors been consulted on the
proposed TC support and have they endorsed the proposal?
4.2 Which synergies and harmonisation options have been
explored with country partners and other donors? If no
harmonisation is possible at this stage, which steps will be
taken to ensure that the TC support from the EU will be
harmonised with other donors’ interventions in the future?
• Issue of coordinated CD support singled out as a particular
concern in Paris Declaration, for which a separate indicator
was produced (indicator 4).
• Although considerable progress reported, compliance was not
easily achieved. In practice, fragmented support is still a
• Harmonisation is a cross-cutting issue that needs consideration
throughout the cycle of operations and has relevance across
the Quality Criteria.
• Link to principles of ownership and alignment:
• partners exercise leadership of their CD
• DP support aligns with country CD at org/ sector level.
Benefits of harmonised support
• Aligns CD support to partner sector strategy,
not DP intervention
• Sector CD vision becomes reference for
• Encourages task division among DPs and can
reduce fragmentation
• Reduces multiple PIUs, admin demands, and
risks of staff poaching
Harmonisation: a key Design concern
Put all options on the table with partners:
1. Full partner implementation
Use national procedures and (sector) budget support
Dialogue/ monitoring and sourcing
2. Pooling of funds, (co) - administered by the partner
Can work inside or outside govt system
3. CD support delegated to one agency
With comparative advantage
Single implementation arrangements
Other DPs don’t implement but support dialogue
4. Harmonisation around objectives/sectors, but
individually supplied – stand alone
Possible division of labour
• Ensure to:
• Keep other donors in the loop when CD is considered
• Start harmonising CD, e.g. in assessments
• Help partners play a stronger role in implementing CD
• Promote mutual accountability for CD results
Harmonisation options and experiences?
Do you have experience working in
partnership or complementary to other
donors to improve CD?
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