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Microsoft Office Access 2003 Overview
SharePoint & XML Integration
Richard Dickinson
Program Manager
Microsoft Office Access 2003
High Level Feature Areas
SharePoint Integration
XML Improvements
VBA Macro Security
Database Developer Ease
Database User Functionality
SharePoint Integration
Export to SharePoint
Import from SharePoint
Read/Write live link to SharePoint
From SharePoint, Export to Access
Export to SharePoint
Simply specify the destination site
We map all the field types
Import from SharePoint
Easy wizard for importing from SharePoint
Can import a list or a view of a list
Most SharePoint list types are supported
Link to SharePoint
Easy wizard for linking to SharePoint
Can link to a list or a view of a list
Linked Tables behave just like regular tables
They can be used in Queries, behind Forms, or on
Most SharePoint list types are supported
SharePoint Linked Tables are not available in ADPs
List vs. View of a List
Importing or linking to a list
Retrieves all columns that can be added to a view
Retrieves all records
Importing or linking to a view if a list
Retrieves only the columns that are visible in the view
Retrieves only the filtered set of records
Records may be sorted
Lookup Field Support
Retrieve IDs for lookup columns
This returns the lookup IDs instead of the display
When in a linked table, this is required for the lookup
column to be updatable
Access will find the related lists and offer to import or
link to them as well
Retrieve display values
This returns the text display value
No related lists are needed to get values
From SharePoint…
Export to Access
Create linked table in
Report with Access
Technology Used
SharePoint JET ISAM (Part of Access)
SharePoint List Data Provider
Web Services
Windows SharePoint Services
Access & SharePoint
Richard Dickinson
Program Manager
Microsoft Access
Improved XML Support
Import/Export the published XSD namespace
New XML Import/Export Options
Export related tables
Can apply a transform on import or export
Improved HTML presentation XSL
Object Model enhancements
Support 2001 Namespace
Access 2002 supported
This was a test release definition
It was used for export, but ignored on import
Access 11 supports
This is the official published definition
Used when exporting
Used to guess data types when importing
XML Import Options
Enhanced Preview
New option to specify an XSL Transform
Import Options
Structure Only
Structure and Data
Append Data
Import Transforms
Previously used transforms listed
Can add/remove transforms from the list
Import Preview
updated after
specifying a transform
Can specify a
friendly name
Basic XML Export Options
Data (XML)
This is just the data
It will reference the XSD if generated
Schema of the data (XSD)
The schema is generated to match the data being
Presentation of your data (XSL)
Custom XSL is generated that will generate HTML
when applied to the XML
Designed to look like the exported object
Additional Export Options
Data Options
Data to Export
Tree view of related data to include
Records to Export
All records
Apply existing filter
Current record
Apply Existing Sort
Use a Transform
Additional Export Options
Export Transform
Just like the Import Transforms
List of Export Transforms is separate from the list
of Import Transforms
These lists are stored
in the registry
Note: Access generated XSL
and XSD are designed for the
pre-transformed XML
Additional Export Options
Schema Options
Include primary key and index info
Schema Location
Schema node added
Note: The Access generated XSD is only designed
to round-trip data types. It does not include
extended properties.
Additional Export Options
Presentation Options
Run from Client
HTML wrapper created to apply the XSL
Run from Server
ASP wrapper created to apply the XSL
Images Location
This applies to any static images on Forms or
Images in the data are always included in the XML
Improved HTML presentation
Now XSLTs are generated
Better Sorting & Grouping
Support added for the following features
Running Sums
Expressions in Sorting & Grouping
XML Object Model Support
Application.ExportXML Changes
OtherFlags now an enumeration
WhereCondition for restricting rows exported
AdditionalData to support
XML Object Model Support
Creates an AdditionalData object to be used with ExportXML
AdditionalData Object
Specifies additional tables or queries to include in the export
These tables or queries do not need to be related to the
exported object
Improved import that supports all of the import options
Allows importing XML with a XSLT transform
XML in Access
Richard Dickinson
Program Manager
Microsoft Access
VBA Macro Security
Security Levels
Digital Signature Support
Expression Sandbox
Security Levels
Only signed and trusted files can be opened
Medium (default)
Files must be trusted before they are opened
Any file opened without prompting
Expression sandbox disabled
Digital Signature Support
Databases & Projects can be signed
VBE -> Tools -> Digital Signature
VBA Code, Macros, and Action Queries are all
included in the signature
Expression Sandbox
The Jet Expression Service offers a sandbox
mode where only “safe” expressions are allowed
This is turned on/off by a registry key
Access respects this registry key and blocks its
“unsafe” methods/properties
Database Developer Ease
Object Dependencies
Form/Report Error Checking
Propagating field properties
Customizable SQL Font
Context Sensitive SQL Help
Back Up Database/Project
Sorting option on Lookup Wizard
Copy Linked Table as Local Table
Object Dependencies
Pane shows dependency
information for an object
Objects that depend on the specified
Objects that the specified object
depends on
Available for Table, Queries,
Forms, and Reports in MDBs
Macros, VBA Code, and Data
Pages are not searched
Error Checking
Errors flagged during Form or Report design
Error Scenarios
Unassociated labels
Invalid Control Source
Duplicate Option Values
Keyboard shortcut errors
Invalid Sorting and
Report width greater than
page width
Propagating Field Properties
New Property Update Options button
Appears when an inheritable property is updated
Option to update the corresponding property on
any control bound to that field
SQL View Enhancements
Ability to customize the SQL view font
Tools -> Options -> Tables/Queries -> Query Design
Context sensitive SQL help
Just hit F1
SQL Key Words
Aggregate Functions
VBA Functions
Access Functions
Note: Not available from ADPs
Back Up Database/Project
Quick & Easy Menu Command
File -> Back Up Database…
Tools -> Database Utilities -> Back Up Database…
Designed primarily for use while doing database
Remembers where you put your backups
Automatically generates a unique filename
Adds date to the file name _YYYY-MM-DD
Adds number if file already exists
Lookup wizard & Paste Table
Sorting option added to the Combo Box, List
Box, and Lookup Wizards
Paste Linked Table
as Local Table
Database Developer Ease
Richard Dickinson
Program Manager
Microsoft Access
Database User Functionality
Windows XP Theming
Smart Tags
AutoCorrect Options buttons
Support Windows Theming
Theming of all dialogs and wizards
Themed User Forms
Only themed if OS
theming is turned on
Only “uncustomized” controls are themed
File level option to prevent theming
Themed Data Pages
Data Pages respect theming in Access as they do in
IE, both at browse and design time
Smart Tags
New Smart Tags property
Available on Tables,
Queries, Forms, Reports,
and Data Pages
Smart Tags exported to HTML
Can fire Smart Tag actions
Available in Datasheet view or Form View
Available in Data Pages via IE
Recognition only done with specified Smart Tags
AutoCorrect Options
New AutoCorrect Options buttons
Same options as are in Word 2002
Puts the user back in control
Developer doesn’t have to be so careful about what
fields allow AutoCorrect
New Database User
Richard Dickinson
Program Manager
Microsoft Access
Use Access to increase ROI
Explore new scenarios that leverage Windows
SharePoint Services
Take advantage of XML
Build Smart Tags for Access
Community Resources
Community Resources
Most Valuable Professional (MVP)
Converse online with Microsoft Newsgroups, including Worldwide
User Groups
Meet and learn with your peers
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