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Mona Lisa
Golanov Vadim
11-L class
Briefly about the main
"Mona Lisa" - a portrait of a young woman, painted
by the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci around 1503.
Painting is one of the most famous paintings in the
world. Refers to the Renaissance. Exhibited in the
Louvre (Paris, France).
Full name of the picture ital.Ritratto di Monna Lisa
del Giocondo - Portrait of Mrs. Lisa Giocondo.
Personality depicted in the portrait,
it is difficult to identify. Until
today, on this occasion it was a lot
of controversial and, at times,
absurd opinions:
Wife of Florentine merchant del
Catherine Sforza
Isabella d'Este
Just a perfect woman
A young man in a woman's attire
Self-portrait of Leonardo
Mystery still surrounds the
stranger, the Louvre attracts
millions of visitors annually.
Ambiguous nature
"Mona Lisa", the creation of
which he spent many years,
became beautiful, but at the
same time inaccessible and
insensitive manner. It seems
both voluptuous and cold.
Despite the fact that the
Mona Lisa gaze is directed
at us, between us and it
created a visual barrier - the
handle of the chair acting as
a partition.
About Face
Nevertheless, our view
always returns to her face lit,
surrounded as frame, dark,
hidden under a transparent
veil hair shadows on the
neck and dark smoky
landscape background.
On the background of
distant mountains in the
figure gives the impression
of a monumental, though
small format paintings
(77h53 cm). This
monumentality inherent in
the sublime, divine beings,
keeps us mere mortals, at a
respectful distance and at
the same time makes us
strive in vain for the
Thank you for your attention!
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