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Forum for executive
public management
OECD Expert Meeting
Paris, October 6 2003
Aims of the Forum
• 2 year project that focuses on the senior
executive management level at state-,
regional- and local level
• Initiated by the Ministry of Finance,
Danish Regions and Danish Municipalities
• The project aims at providing a concept
for Good Public Governance
The concept of Public
• The interaction between political
leadership and the professional senior
executive regarding goals and strategies
• When professionalism, politics and
management must go hand in hand
• Senior management and communication
in the knowledge society
Activities in the Forum
Conferences and workshops
Career networks for top management
E-survey on the senior management
Expert panels with scholars and professionals
Prize paper
A final report on Public Governance
e-survey on the senior
executive the typical profile
Men who are 51-60 years old
Work about 41-60 hours pr. week
Recruited internally
90 pct. are very satisfied with their jobs
Spend most time on political advising and strategic
• Spend less time on leadership development,
networking and external communication
• Greatest challenges are: efficiency, modernizing
government, structural changes and prioritizing
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