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No Fear in Fighting Corruption
Summary of the Problem
Corruption is the root of many
problems happening in Cambodia
It slows down country’s development in
every sector
It makes a lot of people suffer physically and
Fear of reporting Corruption
Create shame on corrupt officers
Make people aware of prevalence of
corruption through visualizations
Provide connections to resources who can
Exposing the most corrupt people in hopes
that they will be investigated
Proposed Solution
Create a responsive website in which people can
anonymously report corruption and find
corruption-related information.
Website Feature:
Report Corruption
- Report Picture Video / Sound
/ Picture
- Map: pink
on corruption location
- Display corruption report
Technology to Solve the
Mobile App:
Android / iOS
Phone call:
Sound record
Existing solutions or relevant links
Hotline of Anti Corruption Unit (ACU) : 1282
Transparency International Cambodia (TIC)
Accountability box
Public service fees
Similar Solution in India:
False Reports
Can avoid by not listing until someone has more
than one report.
Or can post note saying that all reports not
necessarily accurate. A corruption score can be
used to rank how many reports someone has.
Can solve by registering domain and hosting
outside of Cambodia
Start-up Actions
Start a Crowd-funding project to support
site building
Get ACU signed the MoU
People engagement
Follow-on Actions
Report case to ACU
Submission sends to organizations who can help
such as Transparency International Cambodia…
Raise funds to create increased publicity via
listing “most corrupt sector” in newspapers, ads,
etc that put pressure on government authorities
to act
Submissions broadcasted on Twitter Google+ &
Facebook (740, 000+ User)
Ads, PR, etc.
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