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Main Committee Meeting
2014 ACI Spring Convention – Reno, NV
24 March 2014, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Grand Sierra Resort – N-4
C. Larosche, Chair – G. Tumialan, Secretary
1. Call to order
Chair Larosche called the meeting to order at 10:30 a.m.
C. Larosche requests a moment of silence in relation to the passing of Joe Amon
2. Attendee introduction (name and affiliation)
The following members and visitors were in attendance.
Voting Members
Carl J. Larosche (Chair)
J. Gustavo Tumialan (Secretary)
Nicholas J. Carino
Ashok Kakade
Aaron Larosche
Dan McCarthy
Antonio Nanni
K. Nam Shiu
Jeffrey S. West
Paul Ziehl
Associate Members
Rafal Anay
Jason Johnson
Michael Lee
Erik VanDuyne
Tony Lamanna
Alice Erickson
3. Approval of and changes to agenda
C. Larosche motions to approve the agenda of the current meeting. J. West and P. Ziehl
second the motion. A verbal vote approves the agenda.
4. Approval of the last meeting minutes
N. Carino motions to approve ACI Fall 2013 meeting minutes. P. Ziehl seconds the motion.
A verbal vote approves the meeting minutes.
5. Announcements
C. Larosche congratulates N. Carino on his being awarded the ACI Construction
6. Chairman’s report
Chair’s remarks (C. Larosche)
Introduction of New Chair P. Ziehl
N. Carino suggests that committee thank C. Larosche for his hard work.
P. Ziehl thanks C. Larosche and G. Tumialan for their hard work and dedication.
Membership (Tumialan)
G. Tumialan states for the committee changes to the committee roster. As of this
meeting the committee contains 22 voting members including a new voting
member and has also gained a new associate member.
A. Larosche is introduced as secretary.
7. Old business
Code requirements for load testing of concrete members of existing buildings
C. Larosche initiates discussion. Discussion begins with last minute concerns from phoenix.
Modified language is states to satisfy most committee members. ACI Staff had some editorial
comments. Document now available in print. Committee 562 is presenting code document
through a series of presentations. Included in these presentations is an example of how the 437
code is used.
N. Carino asks to confirm the 562 code’s adoption to IEBC.
T. Nanni discusses new opportunity to get 562 into IEBC with committee 562’s goal of having
the document adopted in the 2018 IEBC code.
C. Larosche states that he has presented Chapter 6 of the 562 code at the ICRI convention.
Included in this presentation is the use of the 437 code through an example.
Discussion of relationship between 437/562 code and chapter 20 of 318 code begins.
Leadership of 562 and 318 committees discussed this relationship during the convention in
Phoenix and agreed that the govering code would apply. The code update 318-17 was stated to
update the clarification of governing code document, 562 vs 318. TAC recommends that a
single load test method be made between 318, 437 and 562, T. Nanni states that the term of the
incoming chair will have the fundamental task of reconciling the difference between the two load
test methods.
T. Nanni states that the primary difference between opposing viewpoints is TLM, and suggests
that a joint subcommittee be formed between 437 and 318 once a new 318 chair is introduced.
M. Lee initiates discussion of governing code and interesting jurisdiction concerns. M. Lee cites
the example of Allen stadium in Allen, TX. This stadium has been opened yet the contractor has
not been paid.
D. McCarthy initiates discussion on committee 350’s passed ballot regarding the use of the 437
Discussion of magnitude of test loads required by 437 and 318 is brought up. N. Carino asks
which TLM is higher. T. Nanni states that a primary difference is 437’s use of both dead and
super dead loads which is not provided in 318.
A question is raised regarding the need for chapter 20 in the 318 code. N. Carino states that the
chapter is needed for buildings during construction, T. Nanni states that the two (TLM) should
be the same.
Ziehl thanks committee for discussion and asks that the next topic in the agenda be brought up.
Task group: Revision of ACI 437R-03 - Strength Evaluation of Existing Concrete
Buildings (for inclusion into the ACI Manual of Concrete Practice)
Chapter 1 - Rogalla, C.- Larosche promises to have update from Rogalla who is
not present. C. Larosche suggests there be a completion schedule
presented at the D.C. meeting.
Chapter 2 – Carino - N. Carino requests that the document be sent in doc format.
D. McCarthy agrees to add support to this chapter.
Chapter 3
 3.1 Carino, - N. Carino agrees to continue leading the stated chapters. Short
discussion regarding the amount of background in the chapter is provided.
 3.2 Heidbrink, F. - Heibrink was not present. Update was provided to G.
Tumialan via email.
Chapter 4 - Frauenhoffer - No update given. P. Ziehl requests additional aid for
this chapter. J. Johnson agrees to aid in this chapter. N. Carrino
questions the need for the presence of small scale models within the
Chapter 5 – Ziehl - Discussion regarding the appropriate of a reference to ACI 318
is provided. N. Carino suggests that this reference should be changed to
reference ACI 562. should reference 318 or 562. Additional discussion
regarding a reference in section 5.3.4 is provided. T. Nanni suggests
that correct terminology should come from section 1.11 of 562. N.
Carino asks if tresolution may come in the form of an additional section
in Chapter 1. C. Larosche author of Chapter 1 agrees and agrees to
include in chapter 1. G. Tumialan agrees to provide help to this chapter.
Chapter 6 - pending - A. Larosche has been assigned to update this chapter.
Updates for each chapter are requested by P. Ziehl by July 15.
8. Liaison members’ reports
8.1 ACI Repair Committees
ACI TRCC - Nanni - T. Nanni states that he will meet with the committees new
chair on 3.25.14 for discussion.
ACI 562 - Larosche/Nanni – Code document from committee 562 is currently
available. This committee is in the process of rewriting some portions in the hopes of
the code being adopted by IEBC in 2018.
9. New business (The original order of items under new business was switched to
accommodate the meeting)
9.1 ACI 350 Load Testing Standard - T. Nanni informs the committee (437) of the ACI 350
committee’s desire to have a modified load testing procedure for adoption. T. Nanni
suggests that a task group be formed between the two committees. Both T. Nanni and
C. Larosche offer to help the task group.
9.2 Dr. Anthony Lamanna gave a brief presentation to the committee. This presentation
highlights the future demolition of a University building which may be of interest to
members of the committee as a possible research project.
10. Open discussion
C. Larosche and G. Tumialan are thanks again for their time as committee chair and secretary
11. Adjourn
Motion to adjourn by: C Larosche
Seconded by: G. Tumialan
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