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Press Release, January 2014
- GapSeal® GapSeal® - The decisive weapon against
Out of manufacturing reasons, gaps and hollow
spaces between implant and structures are inevitable
for all compound implants. These gaps can be
minimized depending on fabrication precision.
However, they are never completely bacteria-proof.
Already 16 years ago, the Clinic for Oral and
Maxillofacial Surgery of the Heinrich-Heine
University, Düsseldorf, Germany under the direction
of Prof. Dr. Dr. Fritzemeier has started to find a
solution to this problem.
GapSeal ® (Hager & Werken) is based on a special
silicon matrix ingredient composition which
prevents infiltration of bacteria. It is used directly
after fitting of the implant with the first fixing of the
locking screw. The implant is then durably protected
against inflammations by bacteria, viruses and fungi
from the very beginning. GapSeal® is most easy in
application as the material is offered in small portion
tips, together with a special applicator. A short
product video can be found at
or YouTube.
Fig: GapSeal® seals implant gaps and hollow spaces
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