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Maverick Helicopters has the largest and youngest fleet of ECO-Star Helicopters
in the world
Maverick Helicopters is the only company in the world to twice be named one
of Travel Channel's "10 Best Helicopter Thrills"
Maverick Aviation Group flies over 325,000 guests annually
Maverick Helicopter's flights depart from a private terminal located on the Strip,
just seconds away from the World Famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas”
Maverick Aviation Group's fleet consists of 43 helicopters & 6 airplanes
Maverick Helicopters can take up to 112 people per departure to the Grand
Maverick Helicopters can fly over 500 people per day to the Grand Canyon
Maverick Helicopter's Vegas Nights flight is the perfect start to a night out on
the town
Enjoy live, personalized narration by the highly trained pilots with Maverick
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