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Public Transit
Although driving is an option, the building happens to be very accessible via public transit.
BART/Muni (subway): Get off at Civic Center station. Take 9th / Market Exit (not Grove or
Nearby Muni Bus Lines: 6, 9, 9L, 21, 71, 71L
If you do decide to drive, here are your options for parking.
1. Under the building. The garage closes at 7PM. You will be able to exit the garage after
this time, but you will not be able to enter. You must pre-pay the attendant $25 who will park
your car for you. If you leave after 7pm, you will get your keys from security at the front
desk in the main, Historic Lobby.
You can only access this garage via 10th street which is a one-way going south. The entrance
to the underground lot is between Market and Stevenson. The entrance to the garage will be
on your left and is called Market Square Parking.
3. Street parking. By 6PM, the meters shut off, and parking is free! Have at it!
4. Outdoor parking lot. There are two Pay-to-Park lots at Polk Street and Hayes, before you
hit Market Street. They are both located on the west side of Polk Street.
5. Civic Center Garage.
Getting Into Runway
If you’re arriving from the 10th St. side, you will see the main entrance marked by 3 glass
Do not enter through these doors. Instead, continue walking to the corner of 9th St. and
Market St, past to the first set of glass doors about 20 yards from the front entrance of this
main/Historic lobby.
Enter through these doors and there will be check-in table waiting for you. Check-in and
obtain a visitor pass from security. Finally, proceed to the elevators which will take you to
the 4th floor.
Once out of the elevator, locate the green exit sign and walk towards the passageway. Make a
left, and Runway will be before you!
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