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The House
Time:30 minutes
Renaissance Academy
Objectives :
March 12 2012
by the end of the lesson Ss. Will be able to:
Teaching Aids
3rd Grade
Identify the different rooms in the house.
Say what they use each room for.
- Datashow for The house ppt
- Fly sweater
- flash cards for the rooms in the house.
Warm Up (5 min.) - I’ll show them some pictures of different places
that they already know and I’ll ask them to say the
name of the place..then I’m going to show them a
picture of a house with the different rooms inside.
I’ll ask them if they know any rooms there in
Arabic.. ”they know the word (bathroom)”
Key Structures – ‫ غرفة النوم – غرفة اجللوس – غرفة الغس يل – امحلام – املطبخ – سمل‬‫ ش باك‬- ‫ابب‬
and Vocabulary:
‫ أانم – أطبخ – أغسل – أريد أن أذهب – أجلس – أس تقبل الضيوف‬‫ اغلق‬- ‫– افتح‬
(15 min.)
- I’ll start with pointing to each picture and say the
name of it in Arabic..i’ll ask the Ss. to repeat.
- i’ll ask 2 of them to come to the front i to play the
fly sweater game. And then have another 2 turns
with other pairs.
- after being sure that they know the names of each
room in the house... I’ll present the verbs
I’ll say “ana” then I’m going to mime anam and say it
while miming sleeping action.. “ana anam fi ………..” ..i’ll
let them say the place where we sleep…If they
didn’t get it. I’ll tell them..”ana anam fi el matbakh?”
they will say “la”…ana anam fi el hamam…they will say
“la”..Until they say “ghorfat el noom”…and so on until
we finish saying what we use each room for.
Practice (10 min.)
- I’ll ask them to come one at a time. Give them the
fly sweater…ask them to point to the right picture.
I’ll say 2 sentences (one at a time) for each one who
come to the front and they should point to right
- Then, I’ll ask them to come to the front one at a
- I’ll stick a picture of a certain room on their back.
- I’ll ask them to guess what the room which is stuck
on their back is by saying a sentence i.e “ana atbakh
fi el matbakh.” Or “ana aghsel fi ghorfat el
ghaseel”…they have 2 trials.
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