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İngilizce Dersi Sınav Yönergesi
1-İmza listesinde ismi ve imzası olmayan, soru ve cevap anahtarını teslim
etmeyen adayın sınavı geçersiz sayılacaktır.
2-Değerlendirmede cevap anahtarı formu dikkate alınacağından uygun test
türünü işaretlemeniz ve kodlamarı cevap anahtarına yapmanız önemlidir.
Başarılar dilerim.
Yrd. Doç. Dr. Ali DİNÇER
Adınız Soyadınız:…………………………………………………...
1- I feel fine this morning but I .............very tired
last night.
a) was
b) is
c) am
d) were
e) did
2-What's ------- name? –I am Ayşe.
a) you
b) your
c) yours
d) you're
3-Are those your books and notebooks on the
table? ------------------a) No, it isn't.
b) No, isn't it. c) No, he isn't.
d) No, they are not.
e) No, there are not.
4----------- is your father’s work address?
-Ordu Street, Building 10, Number:2, Erzincan
a) How b) Who c) What
d) That e) Which
5. - -----------------money have you got ?
-5 dollars.”
a)How much
b)How many
c)What time
d)How old
6-Ali ---------- a maths teacher, -------our English
language teacher at the university.
a) aren't- I am
b) isn't- she is c) not- was
d) doesn't- did be
e) is not- he is
7-Have you got a brandnew black computer in
your office? -Yes, ----------a) I got.
b) I've.
c) I's.
d) I has.
e) I haves.
8--------- two hundred students in my school last
a) They are
b) These is
c) There are
d) There is
e)There were
9------------ do you live in Turkey?
a) -- b) What c) Which d) Who
14-Is there any food left? ------------a) No, there isn't. b)Yes, there is any.
c) Yes, they is.
d) No, there aren't. e)No, a lot.
15------------ brothers do you have? -Only one.
a) How much
b) How old
c) How are
d) How many
e) How
16-My favourite football team players are Ali
and Veli from Beşiktaş but Fatma doesn't like
-------- at all.
a) they
b) them c) their d) they’re e) theirs
17-There aren't --------- people here today, I
don’t know why it is.
a) many
b) a lot
c) little
d) much
e) the many
18-Do you speak Japanese? No, I ---------.
a) don't speak
b) not
c) speak not
d) don't spoke
e) I do speak not
19-Do you like -----------? Yes, I like it very
a) shop
b) shoped
c) shopes
d) to shopping
e) shopping
20-I went -------- school in Vienna two years ago.
a) at
b) to
c) in
d) on
e) the
21-We have lunch --------- one o'clock every day
during this term.
a) at
b) to
c) in
d) on
22-She works ----------- Saturdays.
a) at
b) to
c) in
e) on
23- A friend of ---------- phoned this morning but
---------- didn't leave ----- message to you.
a) you, she, an
b) you, her, a
c) yours, he, an
d) yours, it, a e)yours, she, a
24-Does Ali like classical music? -No, he -------,
he ------------- pop music a lot.
a) does, like
b) is not, likes
c) doesn’t, likes
d) does not, like e) isn’t, is
25-When -------- you go to the USA? -Last year.
a) were
b) gone
c) are
d) did
e) went
e) Where
10----------- is this brown bag? It's £10.
a) Where
b) How big
c) How much
d) What
e) How many
26-Many children take lots of presents ……
e) next to
11-What's her job? She's ----------.
a) a actress
b) actress
c) the actresses d) an actress
e) actresses
27- ............TV with your family last
a) Do/watch
b) Does/watch
c) Did/watch
d) Was/watch
e) Are/watched
12---------- only three chairs in my room.
a) There are
b) There is
c) There was
d) They were
e) That is
28- The post office is ------------------- the bank
and the library.
a) over
e) above
13-She ----------- a house in the city centre.
a) is
b) have got
c) has got
d) is got
e) have has
29- Mr and Mrs. Dincer live in London. But
........ son lives in Erzincan.
a) His
b) Their
c) Her
d) Theirs e) Its
30-What is the meaning of “niece” ?
b) Erkek
c)Kız yeğen
d)Erkek yeğen
31- It was hot in the room, so I.............the
a) open
b) was open
c) opened
d) opens
e) is open
32- Fatma lives in London but her parents..........
a) do not b) do c) don'
d) doesn’t e) aren’t
33- May is the ………………month of the year
and ……… the ninth month of the year.
a) fif/ September
b) fourth / August
c) 5. / November
d) fiveth / November
e) fifth / September
34- What did Sema eat ……?
c)in 2020
d)next autumn e) the day before tomorrow
36- Put the right order
Went/ Saturday evening/ We/ To/Last
a) We went Saturday evening the cinema last
b) We went last the cinema to Saturday evening.
c) We went to the cinema last Saturday evening.
d) Went we to the cinema Saturday evening last.
e) We went to last Saturday evening the cinema.
38- Which one is different than others?
e) made
39-Which one is different than others?
45- Which one is correct?
a)How many breads did you buy yesterday?
b)Everybody know each other in the class.
c)Who help you in doing your homework?
d)How much meat does a person need a day?
e) I had have my homework last night.
46- Which one is wrong?
a) I’ve got a few dollars.
b) Have you got any pencils?
c)I don’t like any kind of animals.
d)Some birds don’t fly.
e)I need a little tickets for the cinema
47- Which one is wrong?
a)Where are you from?
b)What do you like doing in your free time?
c)What language do you speak?
d)Where do you lived?
e)Who did the homework?
35- Whichone is the past simple forms of
b)came/take/ wont
37- Which one is different than others?
b)Pencil c)Book d)Ruler
44- Which one is correct?
a) This car look cleaner than that one.
b) Is these your wallet?
c) Do you remember that wonderful day at June?
d) I never forgeted this.
e) I do not like this.
e) water
40- My sister-----a university student. She ----medicine. She -----be a doctor.
Fill the above blanks
a) is/ study, wants to
b) am, study, want to
c) are, study, want to
d) is, studies, wants to
e) are, studies, wants to
41- Which one is true?
a)What? = Kim
b)Who? = Ne c)How? = Neden
d)Why? = Ne Kadar
e)How much? = Ne kadar
42- Which one is wrong?
a) A few is only used with countable nouns.
b) A little is only used with uncountable nouns.
c) Many is only used with countable nouns.
d) Much is only used with uncountable nouns.
e) A lot of is only used with countable nouns.
43- Which one is wrong?
a) 6:25 – six- twenty-five
b) 8:05 – eight- O-five
c) 8:51 - nine to eight d)11:20 - twenty past eleven
e) 2:35 - twenty-five to three
48-49-50-Read the passage and answer the below
Ali has a Turkish restaurant in Ordu Street in
Erzincan. The restaurant is open every evening and
there are always quite a few people there. In fact his
restaurant is very famous in the city. Famous
people often go there. It is 7 p.m. now and there
aren’t many people in the restaurant. There isn’t
any food on the tables, either. But there are a lot of
people in front of the restaurant. Why? Because
there was an accident in front of the restaurant and
nearly five people died in the accident.
48-“--------------------- ? ”
-- “A Turkish restaurant.”
a)Where does Ali a restaurant ?
b)Where does Ali have?
c) What does Ali have?
d) Does Ali have a restaurant?
e) When do people go to restaurant?
49- Why aren’t there many people in the
restaurant ?
a)Because an accident happened there.
b)Because there was a good film on T.V.
c)Because there isn’t any food on the tables.
d)Because today is a holiday.
e) Because five people died.
50-“--------------------- ? ”
“ Five people. “
a)Who had an accident ?
b)How many people died in the accident ?
c)Why did they have an accident ?
d)When did they die ?
e) How many people were there in the restaurant?
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