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Lesson date : October 20th
Teacher : Mrs. El Sakhawy
Grades: 6 , 7 & 8
Listening to and watching a video about Egypt for cultural purposes
Objectives :
Students will work in groups to:
write down any words that they have listened to in the clip.
Write down the name of the country they think the clip is about
Write down the images they have seen and what do they think they are
Write down what do they think the people that appeared in the clip are
Discuss the clip and answer the questions given to them in a worksheet
Materials :
Video clip
Construction paper for each group to write their reflections on it after seeing the video or draw
whatever has attracted them in the video clip
Worksheet for every student to fill in after listening and watching to the video clip
Standards :
1.1 interpersonal communication
2.1: Understanding Culture and social interaction
3.2 acquire information and recognize the distinctive viewpoints that are only available through the
foreign language and its culture
4.2 Comparisons of culture
Procedures :
1. I’ll ask them to listen and watch to the video clip after giving every group a construction paper
and a worksheet to fill in
2. Giving them the instructions clearly.
3. While listening and watching to the video clip they will be asked to write their reflections or to
draw it and to write their questions on that construction paper
4. Listening to the video clip twice
5. Answering the worksheet questions that are specified as questions before the discussion
6. Discussing the video and answering the questions in their worksheet
Closure :
Summarizing what we have mentioned i.e. wrapping up
1. Giving each student a construction paper and asking them to fill it with information or pictures
about Egypt
2. Writing a journal about their own reflections about what they have learned and asking any
questions they are interested to know about that Arab country
Peck Elementary School
Name : ------------------------------
Arabic Language
Date : ------------------------------
Grades 6 , 7 , & 8
Room: ……………………………
Observation and discussion handout
Before discussion :
Answer the following questions :
1. Which Arab country do you think the video is talking about ?
2. Write at least two Arabic words that were said in the song.
3. What was the image that was excessively displayed in the video?
4. Why , in your opinion , were the photos of those people displayed in the video?
5. Which was the most beautiful scene you have seen in this video ?
After discussion :
1. Where is this country located?
2. Write down the names of two monuments shown in the video?
3. Why was that water image repeatedly shown in the video? What is its importance?
4. Three main elements of this country were displayed . What are they ? Why ?
5. List some of the figures names and their importance
6. More Arabic words :
7. Write down the name of one American song that rotates around the same idea and
summarize what it says.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8. Listing some of the modern touristic sites shown in the video
9. Write down two houses of worship that were shown in the picture ? What does this
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you
Mrs. Fatma El Sakhawy
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