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Configuring Outlook for Office 365
Please follow the instructions below for configuring Outlook 2010 to connect to your new Office 365
mail account. If at any point during this process you are prompted to enter your username and
password, just enter the username and password that you use to log in to windows.
If whilst following these instructions you are presented with a different window to the one shown or
are presented with an error message and you are unsure of how to proceed, please contact the IS
department and we will help resolve the problem.
1. Find the “Mail” icon on your desktop.
2. Double click on the “Mail” icon and select “Open” when you see the window below.
3. At this point the “Mail Setup – Outlook” dialog box should appear. If this does not happen,
please contact the ICT department and we will talk you through an alternative method of
finding it. Assuming it has appeared, select “Show Profiles”
4. You will now see the Mail Profiles window. In this there should only be one email profile,
but if there are more than one, the default one should be called Outlook or possibly your
name. Select it, and click the “Remove” button.
5. Confirm removal of this profile by clicking the “Yes” button.
6. You are now returned to the Mail Profiles window, but this time your profile is gone. Click
the “Add…” button to add a new profile.
7. In the “New Profile” window, name your profile “Outlook” and click “OK”
8. You should now see the “Add New Account” window. After a few seconds your name and
email address should automatically be added for you. Once this has happened, click “Next
9. The next page shows your computer automatically discovering the email settings required to
connect you to Office 365. Wait for it to complete.
10. Once complete you should see 3 green ticks next to the discovery steps and a message
saying “Your e-mail account is successfully configured.” When this appears, click “Finish”
11. You are now returned to the “Mail Profiles” window, now showing your newly created
profile. Click OK to close this window.
12. Now all you need to do is open outlook. The first time you open it after creating a new
profile it may take a minute sitting on the screen below before letting you in. Any secondary
mailboxes you had access to prior to migration will not appear instantly however they
should show up after a couple of minutes.
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