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Test 15
Часть A
Прочитайте текст. Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа.
It all started when I (Al) ... two tickets in a lottery. All due respect to Robbie Williams, but he (A2) ... really
my cup of tea! When my teenage son suggested I sell the tickets on the Net, I thought he (A3) ... at me. But
soon I made some inquiries and found myself at the auction site eBay. The site (A4) ... into two categories you can buy and sell just about anything! Provided I (A5)... to offer my tickets for auction, I (A6)... simply ...
with eBay free of charge. I had also to set an opening bid price, depending on what others (A7) .... What
happened next took me by surprise. I couldn't stop checking the progress of my auction. By the end of the first
day I (A8) ... as I was even checking other people's tickets and other concerts. If my auction (A9) ... after three
crazy days I (A10)... mad. But I'm still addicted. Now what shall I bid next?
1) have won;
2) had won;
3) won;
4) was winning.
1) wasn't;
2) isn't;
3) hasn't been;
4) won't be.
1) laughed;
2) had been laughing;
3) was laughing;
4) would laugh.
1) is divided;
2) was divided;
3) has been divided;
4) will be divided.
1) have decided;
2) had decided;
3) decided;
4) would decide.
1) will register;
2) should register;
3) registered;
4) would have
1) were asking;
2) asked;
3) would ask;
4) had been asking.
1) was obsessed;
2) had been obsessed;
3) would have been 4) was being obsessed.
1) didn't end;
2) wasn't ended;
3) wasn't ending;
4) hadn't ended.
1) would go;
2) would have gone;
3) went;
4) had gone.
Прочитайте текст. Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа.
Some decades ago only the largest companies had real works of art hanging in their boardrooms. They
usually chose (All) ... expensive paintings by well-known artists whose work smaller companies couldn't
afford. And when a smaller company wanted to invest (A 12) ... (A 13) ... more modest work of art, this could
take (A 14) ... quite a lot of time. As an expensive consultant was (A 15) ... the question, a member of staff had
to visit various art galleries and choose something (A 16) ... the hope that all the colleagues would like it. But
now art has gone online. There are websites to help companies find (A 17) ... right picture or piece of sculpture.
The company describes the desired piece of art and states what budget is available. This information is then
entered (A 18) ... a search engine, and a selection of art comes up on the screen. Company members can view
the selection and e-mail their comments. Free worldwide delivery is (A 19) ... offer with (A20) ... 30-day trial
period - just in case anybody changes their mind.
1) -;
2) a;
3) an;
4) the,
1) into;
2) in;
3) with;
4) on,
1) -;
2) a;
3) an;
4) the,
1) up;
2) on;
3) of;
4) off,
1) from;
2) out of;
3) out in;
4) within,
1) with;
2) by;
3) in;
4) after,
1) -;
2) a;
3) an;
4) the,
1) into;
2) to;
3) inside;
4) in,
1) on;
2) onto;
3) at;
4) in,
1) -;
2) a;
3) an;
4) the,
Прочитайте предложения. Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа.
А21. Whose website is this? - ..., even if you don't believe it.
It is my.
This is my.
А22. You will get what you've ordered via the Internet ... you pay by credit card.
Укажите номер подчеркнутого фрагмента, в котором допущена ошибка.
А23. Setting up of (1) a website of your own (2) isn't as easy as (3) it may seem to an amateur at first glance
A24. To (1) some users, surfing the Internet is as a drug (2): you browse one (3) site after another and never
want to stop (4).
A25. Although today an (1) Internet connection can be obtained at a low cost (2), digital telecommunications
(3) didn't always use to being (4) so cheap.
A26. When conversing on (1) the Internet it is advised (2) that jargon acronyms (3) are used (4) sparingly.
Прочитайте текст, выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа. Укажите выбранный
Joe has just returned to the computer lab where Sam works.
Joe: Who (A27)... been using my computer?
Sam: I have (A28) ... idea. But these computers are for any student who wants to use them, (A29) ...?
Joe: Of course, but (A30) ... you see me doing my work on that machine before lunch? I hope it hasn't been
lost. The very idea of doing it again (A31) ... me.
Sam: You should have (A32) ... your changes. It's one of the first rules. Everybody knows that.
1) has;
2) has he;
3) have;
4) have they.
1) no;
2) no longer;
4) not an.
1) aren't they;
2) can't it;
3) don't they;
4) isn't it.
1) aren't;
2) didn't;
3) don't;
4) haven't.
1) motivates;
2) attracts;
3) frightens;
4) calms.
1) preserved;
2) protected;
3) saved;
4) conserved.
Выберите ответную реплику, подходящую по смыслу к предложенной реплике-стимулу. Укажите
выбранный вариант.
А33. I wonder if one could order books on-line.
1) Certainly.
2) Not in the least.
3) Far from it.
4) You can or you can't.
Выберите реплику-стимул, подходящую no смыслу к предложенной ответной реплике. Укажите
выбранный вариант.
А34. Nothing of the kind.
1) I never miss a chance to talk on-line.
2) Starting your own site is easy.
3) Why not go dancing tonight?
4) Do you know much about Canada?
Прочитайте вопрос. Выберите один из вариантов ответа. Укажите выбранный вариант.
А35. Where are the headquarters of Microsoft Corporation located?
1) Seattle, WA
2) Washington, DC
3) San-Francisco, CA
4) Chicago, IL
Прочитайте текст и выберите вариант ответа, соответствующий содержанию прочитанного
текста. Укажите выбранный вариант.
I. This October 31 is a scary day for Dylan Barnes, not just because it's Halloween, but because it is a
special anniversary for him. For several years he will have been trying to put a good idea into a successful
business via the Internet. He won't be doing anything special to celebrate the occasion, mainly because his
business venture won't have made any money for most of the past year. Like his two business partners, he will
soon need to do something else.
II. When they started, it had seemed like such a great idea. Dylan and his friend, Michael Underwood, had
been writing up their lecture notes and selling them to other students. They were starting to make a small
steady profit when they met Terry Lloyd who had been creating home pages on the Internet. Together, they
established a website.
III. They soon found out that students were looking for more than lecture notes. Various application and
letter of recommendation forms and the like were in much demand, too. Soon there were all kinds of forms
available form the new website. Dylan was working day and night to make the material available, but he didn't
think what he was doing in terms of business. The big problem, they soon discovered, is that everyone wants
these forms but no one wants to pay for them. The three friends had a successful website, but they didn't really
make any money from it.
IV. Terry quickly found a highly-paid job with an investment company and Michael went off to work for a
software manufacturer. Dylan is still looking for a way to make his website work as a business. But these days
he is always counting his pennies and he is having a hard time paying his bills. He has thought about taking a
teaching job after seeing an ad for a teacher of business writing with business experience. He has lots of
experience now and there really won't be a problem with a letter of application.
A36. Which would be the most suitable title for the article?
1) Site Management Means Big Bills.
2) Young Webmasters Meet Difficulty.
3) Website? No, Thank You Very Much.
A37. The article implies that the friends' Internet-based business was
1) a booming one.
2) a commercial failure.
3) a really bad idea.
A38. It turned out that the biggest problem was
1) how to collect money for their services.
2) how to publish all the forms on-line.
3) how to promote their services on the Net.
A39. It is most likely that Dylan Barnes will soon
1) stop maintaining his website.
2) get hired by a software manufacturer.
3) start a teaching career.
Определите, в каком значении слово употреблено в тексте. Укажите выбранный вариант.
А40. venture (I)
1) adventure.
2) enterprise.
3) proposition.
A41. steady (II)
1) constant.
2) unexpected.
3) large.
Выберите правильный вариант перевода в соответствии с содержанием текста. Укажите
выбранный вариант.
А42. For several years he will have been trying to put a good idea into a successful business via the Internet.
1) Уже в течение нескольких лет он пытается превратить хорошую идею в успешный бизнес в сети
2) Уже в течение нескольких лет он будет пытаться превратить хорошую идею в успешный бизнес в
сети Интернет.
3) Уже в течение нескольких лет он пытается сделать хорошую идею доходным бизнесом через сеть
Прочитайте текст. Подберите заголовок к каждому абзацу в соответствии с его содержанием.
(А43)…Hackers 'from the dark side' are a mixture of considerable technical ingenuity and an anarchic
capacity for destroying secure systems. South African IT security expert Justin Sandford argues with
considerable conviction that hackers are a product of cheap Internet access. They are usually young teenage
boys who have plenty of time to hone their hacking skills. For this reason they are largely found in South
(A44)…Computer hackers have been like the fairy tale characters of the past ever since the American
household has been aware of the Internet - they play on one's fears of the unknown, roaming free on the digital
streets and deriving pleasure from using their superior knowledge to infiltrate one's personal security.
(A45)…In America, where local phone calls are free and Internet access is cheap, the Internet has been
accessible to the public for a much longer time than for the rest of the world - hence, there is much more of an
underground presence. America is essentially the root of the global hacker community we have today. Up until
fairly recently, the Internet was not accessible to anyone in Africa, until South Africa's first dial-up Internet
service provider began operations several years ago.
(A46)…South African Internet service providers have developed to an internationally comparable level, and
all levels of Internet access from large corporate to home Internet acceiss is to be found throughout the country.
Recently some of these providers have begun expansion up to Namibia and Zimbabwe and are starting to offer
comparable Internet access services to those found in Sputh Africa. However, Internet access to the home user
is only viable where there is already an effective telephone infrastructure available to the public, and only when
this is affordable to a large amount of people within an area does one start to see the formation of hacking
groups. As the majority of the African countries have not yet developed an affordable phone system, the likely
problem of hackers in those is likely to be much less acute.
(A47)…But what threat do hackers and hacking in Africa pose? Hackers in Africa are the same as hackers in
America, Russia, Europe, or anywhere in the world. They are all a global threat, given the bound- ryless nature
of the Internet. But South African hackers have a home ground advantage. Knowing the systems, companies
and technologies which are most commonly found within South Africa, a hacker is far better armed to perform
an attack. South African systems are very much at risk because they do not have the security consciousness and
better developed security systems found in America where the hacker threat has been present much longer.
(A48)…As more and more African businesses and individuals advance in Internet terms to the same level
found in the rest of the world and start to place more and more of sensitive data (and thus reliance) on the
Internet, security is becoming more and more important. Africa is only now waking up to the Internet
revolution but is not aware of the implications and threats involved. There are very few highly skilled and
experienced security specialists in South Africa who can expertly develop and implement security systems of a
world wide standard. Yet as the development of the Internet progresses in Africa, so does the presence of
computer hackers, and also an understanding by business and individuals of the risks and threats present, and
how to deal with them.
Подберите заголовки А43-А45 из предложенных (1-4). Один заголовок является лишними.
1) Heroes of the Past.
2) Hackers' Portrait.
3) Fairy-tale Characters.
4) Hackers' Nest.
Подберите заголовки A46-A48 из предложенных (1-4). Один заголовок является лишним.
1) South African 'Underground'.
2) The Internet Revolution.
3) South African Security Online.
4) The Better Equipped.
Часть B
Прочитайте текст (В1-В4). Выберите подходящее по смыслу слово из предложенных и запишите
его в той форме, в которой оно должно стоять в предложении. Помните, что каждое слово
может быть использовано только один раз и что заданную форму слова необходимо изменить.
Today we can do anything we want on the Internet. We read and send mail, chat and do the shopping. But
our lives are in danger of becoming more (Bl) ... as we lose contact with others. When we order a book online
we avoid the (B2)... of going round bookshops in the rain, but don't we also miss a quick (B3) ... chat with
shop assistants? We can study on the Internet too. Surfing the Net is much more efficient than spending hours
in the library. Yet many people would agree that teachers and books are (B4)... and it's hard to imagine our life
without them.
Прочитайте текст (B5-B6). Выпишите no два лишних слова из каждого предложения в порядке
их предъявления в тексте.
В5. One of the most fastest growing areas of interest on the Internet is health but such websites are so
numerous is that it's a hard job to know where to start.
B6. As well as the more respectable sites, there are also others just wishing to sell to you the latest pills and
Прочитайте текст. Заполните каждый из пропусков только одним словом, подходящими по
The Internet can provide you with (B7) ... information you want if you know how to (B8) ... it. Both
individuals and companies put information about (B9) ... on their (BIO) ... the number of which is growing day
in day out.
Переведите на английский язык фрагмент предложения, данный в скобках.
В11. Nowadays one can hardly (обойтись) without a computer at home.
B12. Once you have become addicted to the Net, it hard to (избавиться) the habit of browsing the sites every
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