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Alessandro Marchesini
Web Design 2
Proff. Marco Scaramastra
Nina Kraviz
Nina Kraviz is a Siberian born singer, producer, and Dj. Considering the fact
that she doesn’t have a web page I decided to do it for her. As a Dj Nina is very
energetic and emotional. She plays whatever she has in her bag concentrating
more on the atmosphere than on knobs and faders.
In my web site I decided to adopt a minimalist style; in it you can find
general information about her life, her albums, the world tour dates, the Dj set
that she makes, and photos.
I decided to use few colors like red, black and white because her music is so
simple and direct. She has made just 2 albums; “Ghetto Kraviz, and Pain In The
Ass”. In Ghetto Kraviz she builds her tracks around a stubborn, pulsating 4/4
wrapping subtle, isolated synth hooks and repressive vocal exhalations. On the
other hand, Pain In The Ass is a heavyweight groove, rolling with the usual 4/4
beat. This album is deeply rooted in classic NY and Chicago functions and
distinctively marked by her own voice.
Nowaday, she is no more part of the underground movement in fact she’s
really famous around the world. Actually she’s making a world tour that is being
really appreciated by her funs.
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