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Jan. 7, 2014 04:30 UTC
Turkcell’s “Women Empowerment in Economy” CSR Project Wins the
Top Award from IPRA
technology and communications company of Turkey, won the prestigious
International Public Relations Association (IPRA) Golden World Award for the
best corporate responsibility project with “Women Empowerment in Economy”. The
project was also deemed the best of the best, winning IPRA’s Grand Prix for
Excellence after competing with all the other projects that have won the top awards
in 29 categories.
A cooperation between Turkcell, Turkey’s Ministry of Family and Social Policies and
Turkish Foundation for Waste Reduction (TISVA), the Women Empowerment in
Economy aims to promote the participation of women with limited means in the
economy, and to contribute to their social and economic empowerment by helping
them start up income-generating businesses, or expand their existing businesses. Its
structure as a crowd-sourced microfinance project is a global first: For the first time, a
mobile operator cooperates with a micro-finance institution, the Grameen Trust of
Nobel Laureate Muhammed Yunus and its program in Turkey, to initiate a social
borrowing model.
Koray Ozturkler, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Turkcell received both awards
from Zehra Güngör, who took over the presidency of IPRA on January 1 st, 2014.
Emphasizing Turkcell’s continued commitment to creating equal opportunities for
Turkey’s women, Öztürkler said “Our goal was to add Turkcell’s technological power
to our women’s entrepreneurial spirit. The number of entrepreneurs that have joined
the program has already reached 68 thousand although it has only been a year since
the project was launched in 2012. The micro-credit pool now stands at 1 million
Turkish liras including Turkcell’s initial contribution, and crowd-sourced funds and
donations. The pride of making a difference in the lives of our women is fortified by
the international recognition that the project is receiving from prestigious institutions
such as IPRA and Mobile Excellence Awards.”
IPRA President Zehra Gungor said, “Turkcell’s Women Empowerment in Economy
is not only a contribution to the local scene but also an interesting project with its
international dimension. Bringing the micro-credit model developed by Nobel Laurate
Muhammed Yunus to Turkey for the purpose of creating equal opportunities to
women entrepreneurs is remarkable. These reasons contributed to its selection as
the best corporate responsibility project by IPRA. I congratulate Turkcell for its
valuable work and for receiving these awards.”
When selecting the winner of its Golden World Award in corporate responsibility
category, IPRA took into account the area of focus, the aims and the successes of
each project. Women Empowerment in Economy competed with projects from all
around the world.
With this project, Turkcell and its partners aim to reach 100 thousand women – an
effort that is well on track. In addition to its initial financial support of 400 thousand TL
dollars, Turkcell launched an online handcrafts bazaar that gives women the
opportunity to sell their handmade products. Turkcell also initiated entrepreneurs
enjoy in-class and remote learning opportunities for its women entrepreneurs in 11
Turkish cities covering issues like business growth and marketing.
Turkcell is the leading communications and technology company in Turkey, with 34.9
million subscribers as of March 31, 2013. Turkcell is a leading regional player, with
market leadership in five of the nine countries in which it operates with its
approximately 69.2 million subscribers as of March 31, 2013. It has become one of
the first among the global operators to have implemented HSPA+. It has achieved up
to 43.2 Mbps speed using the Dual Carrier technology, and is continuously working to
provide the latest technology to its customers, e.g. 84 Mbps in the near future.
Turkcell Superonline, a wholly owned subsidiary of Turkcell, is the one and only
telecom operator to offer households fiber broadband connection at speeds of up to
1,000 Mbps in Turkey. As of February 28, 2013, Turkcell population coverage is at
99.19% in 2G and 84.26% in 3G. Turkcell reported a TRY2.7 billion (US$1.5 billion)
revenue with total assets of TRY18.9 billion (US$10.4 billion) as of March 31, 2013. It
has been listed on the NYSE and the ISE since July 2000, and is the only NYSElisted company in Turkey. Read more at
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