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Ithaca College—South Hill Elementary Partnership
Mini Grant Application
In recognition of the partnership that Ithaca College and South Hill Elementary School have developed, we are
pleased to offer a grant opportunity for South Hill teachers. These mini grants of up to $250.00 are designed
to enhance the classroom curriculum for South Hill teachers. They can be used to support a special project, a
field trip, or a lesson or series of lessons.
Any book requests should go through ICSD funding sources before becoming eligible for grant funding.
Name of Teacher:
Project Title:
Project Description: (In no more than 150 words describe the project and projected outcomes.)
Budget request: (What expenses will you incur during this project? What will you need to buy? Please itemize
your list of expenditures.)
Please submit this grant application as an email attachment and send to Dr. Jeane Copenhaver-Johnson,
Ithaca College Education Department Chair, at Please include “South Hill
Partnership Grant” in the title of the email message.
Submission of a grant application indicates the prior review and approval of this application by Principal
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