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Sample Conversation:
Visit to the Doctor
A = Doctor
B= Patient
A: Hi. Come on in and have a seat.
Now what seems to be the problem?
B: I have a rash on my arm.
A: How long have you had the rash?
B: It’s been about a week.
A: Are you taking anything for it?
B: I put some cream on it but it doesn’t help.
A: I see. Are you allergic to any medications?
B: I think so.
A: I’m going to give you a prescription for some ointment. I want you to apply it three times a day.
You should also avoid scratching your skin. And it’s important to use as little soap as possible. Make an appointment to
better over the next few days.
Scenario 2: The Flu
Doctor: How can I help you?
Patient: I don’t feel well.
Doctor: In what way?
Patient: I have a headache and I’m always tired.
Doctor: Have you vomited?
Patient: No, but I have no appetite.
Doctor: Do you have a temperature?
Patient: Yes, sometimes I feel hot and sometimes I feel cold.
Doctor: Do you have a runny nose?
Patient: Yes.
Doctor: It sounds like you have the flu.
Patient: Okay, what medication can you give me?
Doctor: Here, take this for 5 days and get lots of rest.
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