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Opening Notes:
Meadows Regional Cancer Center is proud to announce the addition of two new staff members to the
Radiation Oncology Department. Meadows is fortunate to have a forward looking Administration who
understands that to offer the best possible treatment, you have to invest in the best people to deliver that
care. While outsourcing Physics support and Medical Dosimetry is common in smaller medical centers,
Meadows Administration immediately understood the advantages of having full time employees to
provide these functions. The daily and personal interaction is crucial to providing sophisticated and effective radiation
treatment. We strive daily to provide your patients with the best possible care and we look forward to any comments or
suggestions you may have.
Henry Cline
Henry Cline, M.D.
Radiation Oncology
Our New Staff:
Jeff Geiger , M.S., Medical PhysicistWe are very fortunate to add Jeff to the radiation oncology team. Jeff
comes from Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center in Daytona Beach. He joins us with a wealth of
experience in Medical Physics. He has been instrumental in the equipment and software upgrades that
represent Meadows’ ongoing commitment to excellence. Jeff has been involved in the field of Radiation
Oncology starting as a radiation therapist and department administration before pursuing medical physics.
He is married with a wife and three daughters.
Mike Nepote, CMD, Medical Dosimetrist Mike brings us a wealth of experience in the field of treatment
planning. He worked with Dr. Henry Cline at Northside Hospital for several years before coming to Vidalia.
Mike has 18 years of experience working in the field of dosimetry. He develops treatment plans that
maximize dose to tumor volumes and spare normal tissues. Having Mike as part of our team allows for
customization of all our treatment plans. Mike is married with two sons.
Radiation Oncology Department
Meadows Regional Medical Center
Two Meadows Parkway
Vidalia, GA 30474
Phone: 912-535-8888
Fax: 912-535-8912
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