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Environmental Focus
Student Brief
Exploitation of the environment and pollution is causing global concern. Planet Earth can not
withstand our growing demands on it. Many animals and plants have already become extinct,
thosands of others are on the verge of extinction. Have you ever considered how we measure
Your project is to create a 7-8 minute
presentation which will include an A1
display poster and PowerPoint on the
subject of the sampling techniques that
we use to assess pollution.
This project will involve assigning
tasks to each of the 5-6 students in
your group to complete the task. You
should start with a 10 minute brain
storming session in which you think of
ideas of what you would like to research/experiment with and include in the presentation. All of
your group members will need to take part in the presentation.
You will have 4 x 50 minute lessons to research and prepare your presentation. In period 5 you will
be presenting your project to the class. The best projects will be presented to the rest of the school
in period 6 where a panel of judges (students, staff but not Cheryl Cole) will vote on the best.
Ideas to start with
These are a list of ideas which you can research – you aren’t limited to only these and you can
choose areas to research within reason.
Which types of pollution do we commonly measure and how?
Research indicator species and find examples around the school site. Produce an electronic
guide using your own photographs.
You could research and set up a practical to look at the effects of pollution on plants.
You will have the following resources available to you on the day – although there may be other
equipment available.
Poster material (2x A2 Sheets, Colour Pens, Paper and Glue)
2 Laptops
Access to a camera and video camera as needed
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